Give the Gift of Handmade Jewelry!

If you’re a jewelry designer, you know that your friends and family are expecting fabulous handmade jewelry this holiday season. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but making great jewelry doesn’t have to be too time consuming or break the bank.

Every year, Mari designs a handful of jewelry as gifts to send overseas for her friends […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

It’s very common for a beader’s first wrapped cord bracelet to curve dramatically. Everything from tension to the shape of your beads to how you’re holding your project can contribute to this problematic curve. But you can use today’s trick to keep your next bracelet straight while you work!All you need for this trick is […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I wanted to make earrings this weekend to match our Amaru Muru Bracelet, but didn’t have my loom with me. Fortunately you can do square stitch with loom patterns! This trick is handy for when your loom isn’t around or when you’re making a smaller piece of weaving, like for a pendant or earrings, […]