Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

My tip this week is one of the best, and simplest, tips I could possibly give you! Have you tried stringing with beading wire and crimp beads, only to find that your finished pieces always come out stiff? This happens to so many people – all you need to do is leave a […]

Three Ways to Finish Beading Wire!

I absolutely love to use the crimping technique! With just a spool of beading wire and some crimp beads, it’s possible to create an endless number of strung necklace and bracelet designs! If you love to crimp as much as I do, then you have probably come up with designs in which you want an […]

We Love Stringing Magazine!

Every time a new Stringing Magazine comes through our door here at FusionBeads.com, each of us in the creative room stops whatever we are doing so we can check out all the fun new designs! A couple of weeks ago,when we received the Winter 2010 issue, we had much more to cheer about than just the […]