Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

You can change the look of your chain maille project by using different colored rings, but have you tried adding beads to your weave? I’ve made a few different pieces with our multi-colored Artistic Wire Jump Rings, but this was my first time adding beads to chain maille. You can use today’s tip to […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

A good beginning can make all the difference with a new project, so today I’m sharing tips to get your chain maille of to the right start!

Figure out how many jump rings you need to have open and how many need to be closed before you start your project. For example, the Byzantine […]

Fabulous Chain Maille Flags!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my absolute favorite holidays to create jewelry for, thanks to my undying love of green and gold color combinations. This year, I decided to step outside my usual palette and try something new – an Irish flag made from chain maille!

To create the flag, I used […]

Gabby’s Favorite Things!

When it comes to beading, my brain is all over the map. There are so many radically different materials and techniques fighting for my attention upstairs that there is no real continuity in my projects – today I am working on seed beads, tomorrow I am soldering. My personal beading habits kind […]

Gabby’s Fusion Favorites!

When it comes to picking my beading favorites, I am scattered all over the map! I have never had a go-to technique or product in my arsenal; I jump all over the place depending on the project I’m working on! Here are a few of my new favorites that really stood out to me […]

Chain, Chain, Chain Maille!

With the addition of all of our new colored jump rings, we thought we would ask our resident expert, Nora Olsen, some questions about chain maille.

Which chain maille technique would you recommend for a first timer who is new to chain maille?

Byzantine, definitely!  This is a classic, simple weave that is easy […]