Tuesday Tips & Tricks

One of my favorite techniques for covering the inside of a component is using Brick Stitch! The finished look is delightfully boho chic as well as an awesome statement piece. A great way to successfully create a design using brick stitch is to guesstimate the amount of beads you will need to fill your […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Brick stitch techniques are a great way to create unique beaded shapes. I’m making a pair of fringe earrings with a decreasing brick stitch base and noticed that the beads along the edges of my pyramid weren’t very stable. This is a common problem in brick stitch, so try today’s trick next time you […]

Learn All The Variations of Brick Stitch!

Brick Stitch is a fabulous and versatile bead weaving stitch that can be adapted in so many different ways to achieve a number of different looks. You can use basic brick stitch with decreasing to make flat shapes with seed beads, or you can embellish components or beads with brick stitch to add color, […]