Tuesday Tips and Tricks

You may find yourself asking every once in a while, “How many beads will I need to make this bracelet?” To answer this question there is a wonderful tool at your disposal! You may have already guessed it…that’s right, a beading board! For today’s tip, I will be highlighting how working with a […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks – The Resin Obsession Cannot Be Stopped!

Personally, as a bit of newbie in the beading world I have yet to dabble into the awesome techniques that use resin. Jewelry pieces that include resin in their designs can be beautiful, and opens up unique and creative ways to make an extra special memento! Resin can be used to incorporate mixed media […]

Designer Spotlight – Meet Allie

My name is Allie and I have been with the Fusion Beads team since 2005! I started out at the Fusion Beads Seattle store location, but after a couple of years I made my way to our website where I now make jewelry to inspire people to create. It doesn’t get much better than […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Wrapped cord bracelets continue to be an enduringly popular beading technique. The most common question we hear is what stringing material is best for a wrap cord bracelet? Today we are going to compare three commonly used threads and discuss how their unique characteristics function in a wrapped cord bracelet.

FireLine is one of the […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of the many perks of my job at Fusion Beads is trying out products. Today, I’m going to share my testing experience using Beadsmith Opelon Stretch Jewelry Fiber Cord. Many of us are already familiar with Stretch Magic for stretch bracelets, but Opelon has a few key advantages over other elastic cords […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

If you are anything like me you have a healthy stash of extra beads from past projects taking up precious space in your craft area. What do you do with little bits of this and that? The solution; make a multi-colored bracelet using your bead “leftovers”. You will be amazed how random beads of […]