April Fools’: Fresh New Beet Designs!

We’ve got fresh new beeted designs for you! You carrot beet these new brick stitch and peyote patterns. They’ll put you on the path to healthy beading and help you cultivate your stitching skills.

Layered Vegetable Necklaces

Plant the seed for better beeting by layering your vegetables with this everyday look. Layer pieces, like you would your flavors, for a daily reminder to eat well.

Mix it up with a colorful palette for your eyes and your taste buds with our A-B-C salad recipe. Simply add avocado, beets, and carrots to your everyday lifestyle and reap the health benefits.

Fusion Beads Salad

A-B-C Salad Recipe

Servings: 2


  • 3 cups Spinach
  • 1 cup Herb Salad Mix
  • 2 Carrots, shredded
  • 1 Avocado, sliced
  • 1 cup Cherry Tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 cup Goat Cheese, crumbled
  • 1/2 cup Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

For the Roasted Beets:

  • 3 Beets
  • 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt to taste


Roast the Beets:

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Wash beets and remove the stem and end of the root. Peel and cube into 1 inch pieces.
  3. In a bowl, toss beets with olive oil and salt.
  4. Place beets in a single layer on parchment paper.
  5. Roast in oven until the beets are fork tender (20-25 min). Let cool completely.

Assemble the Salads:

  1. Mix the spinach and herb salad mix together.
  2. In two large bowls, add the mixed greens, then top with roasted beets, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, cheese and pumpkin seeds. Drizzle with dressing.


Green Goddess Salad Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing Recipe


  • 3/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup Milk
  • 1/2 cup Parsley
  • 1/2 cup Green Onions
  • 1/2 cup Basil
  • 1 clover minced Garlic
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Sea Salt to taste


Make the Green Goddess Dressing:

  1. Add all ingredients to a blender. Puree until smooth.


Avocado Necklace  Carrot Necklace

Learn how to make these fresh beet designs with our free brick and peyote stitch patterns! Create your own A-B-C necklace set and try making your own fruits and vegetables with our free graph paper. Make sure to share your designs with the community!


Darn spellcheck…we mean BEAD not beet designs!

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Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2019-20 Collection Trends


Enter a world of sparkling crystal innovation and inspiration. A world where stories are created and captured in pure radiance, where every brilliant piece sends its own crystal-clear message. It is time to enter a world of emotion: to reconnect, to celebrate, to retreat, to create, to dress up by dressing down. Let your emotions shine in the cuts, colors and inspirational magic of the new crystal collection

The Serenity of Being – We all need a calm place, somewhere to escape from it all. The importance placed on the need for serenity, on the necessity of getting away, has never been stronger. A retreat, a rest, a space to call our own are necessary to offset the detrimental effects of overcrowding and information overload. Designs will tap into this mindset, with gently expressive elements that embody a sense of stillness. The world has to come to realize that sometimes we get the greatest productivity from just doing nothing — and increasingly our designs and consumer choices will reflect this. It is time to embrace the serenity of simply being.

The Joy of Expression – Finding our nirvana has never been easier. With younger consumers clamoring for a style outlet, designs capture life’s joie de vivre and make us feel like dancing. Radiating energy and good vibes with 80s flair and a “look-at-me” attitude, hedonistic opulence dominates as the “Insta-generation” create show-stopping statements and Instagrammable moments with their wardrobe choices.
The message is crystal clear: There is nowhere to hide with this joyful, expressive direction because, quite simply, who would want to!

The Surprise of the Unexpected – In a world of absolute extremes, a new generation of consumers is determined to close the gap. In this brave new world we will shake off old-fashioned restraints, elevating our designs to new levels of artistic expression. A closeness between streetwear and couture will emerge to create a modern-day direction, as dress codes continue to unravel. Impactful and expressive, we embark on a new casual way of dressing up … Or is it a high-end way of dressing down? No matter, it is really only the surprise of the unexpected that interests us.
The Excitement of Creativity – 
Why wear one piece when you can wear 10? Making a stand against perceived “good taste” and “normcore” fashion, radical self – expression and a new fantastic fusion of design collide in
multicultural hi-lo styling, with individual and eccentric style mash-ups defining the look. “Wear it your way” is the guideline, with a modern manifesto of creativity paying homage to Africa rising. Vibrant patterns, clashing colors, and an irreverent attitude abounds as we pile on layer after layer to highlight the complexity and multifaceted directions of everyday life. The urge to be different, to be heard, to make an impact will intensify as we seek the excitement of renewed creativity.


Top 10 Inspiration Projects

It’s that time again for our final week of 2018 product and project countdowns! These past weeks we have covered all of Fusion Beaders’ favorites, including your top 10 beading essentials for a well-stocked craft room, plus popular charms, mixes, and tools to get your projects going. With all of our supplies ready to go, let’s take a look at the top 10 projects that inspired your designs from ultra-popular crochet to earrings perfect for everyday wear. Follow along and find your next technique as we walk into the New Year and fulfill those beading resolutions!

1. Sunset Crochet Bracelet

Crochet bracelets were undoubtedly one of our most popular projects of 2018 with so many new designs to take home and create! Supported by multiple video tutorials and a visual step-by-step technique page, we hoped to make starting your next project a breeze whether creating our Sunset Crochet Bracelet (with a pretty pink palette) or the Seabreeze Bracelet (with lots of lovely blues and greens).


2. Amor Earrings

You fell in love with these classic Amor Earrings featuring stylish scarlet Swarovski Crystal rounds and TierraCast charms. Designed as the perfect pairing to your Valentine’s Day ensemble, these earrings also work wonderfully for anniversaries, birthdays, and more with so many ways to wear throughout the year! Plus when you purchase select heart charms, we will donate $1 to Heifer International in an effort to help end world hunger during our Hearts for Heifer Charity Drive (ends February 14, 2019).


3. Cascading Crystal Earrings

The new Swarovski Innovations for Fall/Winter 2019 left us nothing short of amazed this year with countless designs that introduced new ways to “Be Yourself”. These drool-worthy innovations featured a number of unique pendants, pearls and stones that inspired us to create this popular Cascading Crystal Earring design plus many more that easily mix-and-match for a classic jewelry collection.


4. Vibrant Hibiscus Bracelet

With spring came bright fire polished flowers as you made this top-selling Vibrant Hibiscus bracelet. Recreate this multi-strand marvel with an assortment of glass, fire polished, and seed beads then top it off with a cute-as-a-button clasp detail that is expandable for ease of wear!


5. Color Pop Earrings

Seed beaders perfected these pretty Color Pop Earrings, using a delightful array of Duracoat rounds by Miyuki. With over 200 silver-lined and galvanized hues, we invite you to try this carefree design for fun-loving fringe that is easy to reprise or customize!


6. Flora Necklace

We were floored by this Flora Necklace by TierraCast designer Tracy Gonzales, who used pieces from their Dulce Vida Collection. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on these pretty pewter pieces and the collections that followed as soon as we saw this design. Watch the video tutorial to make your own while learning tips and tricks for a flawless necklace.


7. Gold Dust Earrings

Get inspired by these golden earrings featuring a variety of metal components and a novel take on using Swarovski sew-on stones. Find out how we combined this collection of rounded, gold-hued components for a stunning pair of earrings ready for any occasion in our free project tutorial.


8. Anniversary Party Jewelry

To celebrate our company’s 21st anniversary we designed a collection of five unique pieces using our exclusive Party Round Japanese Seed Bead Mix anniversary giveaway. These designs were created to inspire your own projects and featured fun pieces to compliment any style. However due to popular request, these example projects were made available and include complete instructions that can now be followed to make your own at home!


9. Snowflake Dream Earrings

We watched it snow jewelry this year as you created these stylish Snowflake Dream Earrings with new sterling silver charms by Nina Designs. These serene snowflakes were easy to switch with four fabulous snowflake charms to help you create your perfect pair of personalized winter earrings.


10. Golden Rudolph Earrings

Finally we saw reindeer fly around the world with our newest take on our extremely popular Rudolph Earrings. We loved seeing your exciting reindeer renditions with so many cute creations shared with us on Facebook and Instagram! We’re excited to see how you pair your deer next year with new gold-plated or classic silver antler styles to match your metal preference.


What designs did you try or customize from our Inspiration Project Gallery this year? Let us know or share your favorite pieces from this year’s collection in the comments below. Then find everything you need to try a new technique, get inspired or more with our free project instructions and video tutorials!

Top 10 Tools

Welcome back to another week of Top 10 recaps as we cover your favorite products and projects of 2018. Over the past few weeks we have covered everything from beginning to middle, with recaps of your top beading and craft room essentials, favorite charms, and popular beading mixes. While you prepare your next design from these tried and true favorites, we think it’s about time to talk about the tools that will help you get the job done without unnecessary frustration. So join us as we review the Top 10 Tools our community took home to get projects started on the right foot and support countless design needs during 2018!


1. Tulip Beading Needles

Stitch everything from a quick pair of brick stitched earrings to the beloved wrapped cord bracelet with our ultra popular Tulip beading needles. Both flexible and springy, Tulip needles resist bending and breakage while delivering a high-quality bead weaving experience for days to come!


2. Bead Mat

Stop your seed beads from rolling away with super soft, foam-like beading mats. Use these favorite project helpers to keep your Delicas and other small beads in line, or try our new Tacky Bead Mat for extra design security and peace of mind.


3. Anti-Tarnish Tabs

Keep your designs shining year round with these top-selling anti-tarnish tabs. One tab protects against tarnish for approximately 6 months and is wonderful to include when gifting metal jewelry!


4. Xuron Thread and Fiber Scissors

This indispensable tool will cleanly and easily cut beading thread, as well as a wide variety of other stringing materials. We keep these readily available while designing and consider them one of our must-haves for bead weaving and general craft and jewelry making.


5. Design Save’n Go Junior

Transport your beading projects and design on the go with this trendsetting project case. Open your Design Save’n Go Junior to access the built-in bead mat and design template, then close and carry your projects wherever you go, knowing that everything is safe and in place for the next time you resume.


6. Perfect End Thread Burner

Burn away frayed thread ends with a transportable heating element tip. Often considered a bead weaver’s best friend, the Perfect End Thread Burner is ideal for melting and cauterizing K.O., FireLine, Nymo, Superlon and other synthetic beading threads for seamless projects that you will certainly look forward to showing off.


7. Artistic Wire Shimmer Tool Kit with Case

Treat yourself to an Artistic Wire Shimmer Tool Kit with convenient carrying case. This kit contains five essential tools made of high-quality stainless steel and comfortable shimmering purple non-slip handles to satisfy your high-standards and project needs!


8. Tapered Nylon Jaw Pliers

Quickly secure stones without scratching metal findings with these popular nylon jaw pliers. Pick up a pair for the perfect project companion when working with Gita findings, such as in our Shine Bright Bracelet project, or use to straighten and wrap wire for a stunningly smooth style.


9. Bead Crochet Hook Set

Try out a new technique with this complete set of crochet hooks. Including five crochet hooks in a variety of sizes, this set arrives ready to travel in a stylish pink polka dot case with comfortable tools you will praise again and again.


10. Crimping Pliers

Once you use crimping pliers, you’ll never go back to conventional methods, which can leave an unsightly, sharp-edged crimp in your jewelry designs. These popular 4 in 1 crimping pliers can be used to crimp 1mm, 2mm and 3mm crimp beads and come fully supported with video tutorials to support your beading success.


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced beader, the right tool for your design can make all the difference and should never be underestimated. Let us know what tools you always keep on hand in the comments below and stay tuned for our final recap covering our community’s favorite projects of 2018 on the blog next Friday!

Top 10 Mixes

Welcome back to week three of our top product and project recaps for 2018! In these past few weeks we’ve taken a look back at Fusion Beaders’ top choices for beading essentials and creative charms, with so many fun favorites to inspire countless projects in 2019. This week let’s begin with a look at some favorites that just arrived last month as we uncover what our community chose as this year’s Top 10 Mixes!


1. SuperDuo Mixes

One of our most popular new mixes featured your favorite two-hole beads in a brilliant collection of colorways! We simply love these SuperDuo mixes for quick wrapped cord bracelet projects, while you adored our Raku Mix of earthy blue, green, and red hues, which came in as your top pick for 2018.


2. Fusion Party Seed Bead Mix

Our next mix inspired you to bring home the 21st anniversary celebrations with this unique assortment of Fusion-inspired colors. From our favorite Fusion pink to beautiful blues and greens, these size 8 seed beads arrived with a collection of inspiration projects and free instructions for creating chic crochet bracelets, a bubbly memory wire bracelet, a brick stitch component necklace and more!


3. Mixed Stones Gemstone Beads

The next mix to make our list features a variety of gemstones in three sizes to support any project requirements! These mixed round gemstones beads were a popular choice for simple strung bracelet designs, wrapped cord bracelets and cute stretch bracelet sets with a variety of stones to complement anything your imagination dreams up.


4. Size 11 Seed Bead Mixes

These hand-selected size 11 seed beads are a mainstay in our top mix list and an ideal choice for both loom and off-loom bead weaving designs. Explore a wide assortment of colorways including this Riverside Blue Mix starring 5 shades of deep blue and silver for refreshing seed bead designs.


5. Crimp Bead Mixes

Newly released from Beadalon, these mixes arrived just in time to make our list with an assortment of silver-plated, gold color, copper, and hematite crimp beads to complement a variety of projects. Find your perfect project solution with three crimp bead sizes for the ideal fit for any design!


6. Findings Mixes

A second new arrival to our top 10 mixes list are these assorted finding collections in an assortment of finishes and sizes. Choose between silver plated and gold plated mixes to finish either 1mm or 2mm cord designs.


7. Mixed Hammer Set

This popular set includes an assortment of hammers perfect for the aspiring metalworker! The Maker Hammer Set by Fretz includes five high-quality stainless steel heads for planishing, raising and embossing as you add new layers of texture to your next metal creation.


8. Size 8 Seed Bead Mixes

Another seed bead favorite are these hand-selected size 8 mixes in all of your favorite colorways! From brightly colored collections for approaching spring styles to never-out-of-style neutrals, these seed bead mixes were created with designers in mind, helping them secure a spot in our top 10 list.


9. Metallic Shapes Seed Bead Mixes

Style your next project with our popular selection of metallic seed bead mixes. Stitch with this favorite Dragon Scale Mix or choose from our metallic O-Bead or SuperDuo mixes for a collection of compatible colors in fun shapes that add dreamy dimension to any project!


10. Soft Flex Beading Wire Mix

Last but definitely not least are these soft flex beading wire mixes for durable yet flexible beading projects. Take home this ultra-popular beading wire brand in a variety of colors for designs that drape delightfully and refrain from kinking during the design process!


Let us know your favorite mix from the list above and what you can’t wait to try with the New Year in the comments below. Then come back next week as we cover the top 10 tools our community couldn’t wait to use this year!

Top 10 Charms

Welcome back to another week of beading recaps as we look back at some of this year’s most popular charms! We were so excited to share these charms with you throughout the year and couldn’t believe the magic you created when adding them to your jewelry designs. Take a look at our list of Top 10 Charms that resonated most with our community below and let us know what charms jumpstart your imagination as you plan your designs for next year!

1. Swarovski Glue-In Pear Shape Charms

With so many Swarovski stones to choose from, it’s no wonder these spectacular glue-in charms are a popular choice for jewelry designs. Check out our top-selling Swarovski Crystal DeLight Pear Stone Collection for a new spin on this classic favorite!

2. Pewter Snowflake Charm by TierraCast

Winter arrived in full force this year and these snowflake charms were fundamental in spreading holiday cheer. We’re not sure if you were more excited about our snowflake design ideas or our Treehouse Charity Drive (where $1 from each charm purchased is donated to charity until December 17, 2018), but we absolutely loved seeing your flurry of snowflake designs!

3. Swarovski Round Channel Charms

These Swarovski channel charms are a long-standing favorite for delicate designs and perfect for combining with other charms or styling solo. The channel setting allows light to shine through the crystal from both sides, giving you the most color and sparkle with over 20 classic colors to choose from!

4. Pewter Heart Charm by Nunn Design

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way is there to celebrate love than with these pewter heart charms by Nunn Design! Watch your heart grow with four sizes and finishes to choose from, complimenting any Valentine’s Day jewelry design requirements.

5. Pewter Mini North Star Charm by TierraCast

Stay focused on the road ahead and never stray from your beading destiny with these Mini North Star charms by TierraCast. These adorable pewter charms launched with the World’s Away Collection and were designed to complement tokens you collect along your journey. Satisfy your wanderlust as you add these charms to wrapped cord designs, or hang from a fun wire hoop component that opens and closes for a customizable design!

6. Pewter Royal Elephant Charm by Green Girl Studios

When Green Girl Studio’s newest collection of charms arrived it was love at first sight with this Royal Elephant Charm! This imaginative charm quickly inspired our creativity with so many ways to combine in lighthearted necklace, bracelet, and earring designs.

7. Druzy Charms

Design boutique style jewelry in a flash with dazzling Druzy charms. These charms feature a bunch of tiny but super sparkly crystals on top of a mineral base and are perfect for adding a little glam to your simple necklace designs!

8. Gemstone Charms

Make a set of glamorous gemstone charm necklaces with our simple component inspiration ideas! Choose from almost 100 charm styles in varying shapes, settings, and stones for a bezeled component that arrives ready to be incorporated into your next project.

9. Monstera Leaf Charm

Slide on some sterling silver with Amoracast’s recent release of modern and whimsical charms. We loved designing with these Monstera Leaf Charms and you loved our earring project inspiration, carving out a spot for these silver beauties just in time for this year’s recap! Check out the complete Amoracast collection and find additional inspiration for your upcoming designs.

10. Sterling Silver Vertical Moon Phase Charm

We are over the moon for this sterling silver Vertical Moon Phase Charm from Nina Designs! This etched and oxidized piece represents all of the lunar phases, as the moon waxes and wanes from New Moon to Full Moon, with different meanings associated with each phase. We hope this textured charm inspires your designs as you create jewelry that is out of this world!

Let us know what charms you used in your designs, or which of the Top 10 Charms you hope to style soon, in the comments below. Then stop by next week as we recap the top seed bead mixes used by the Fusion Beaders this year!