Swarovski Spring/Summer 2019 Innovations Sneak Peek!

The New Swarovski Spring/Summer 2019 Innovations are here and we are super excited to share them with you! Take a closer look at what this new collection has to offer below.


Intense and evocative, a homage to vast cobalt skies and fathomless sapphire seas, and the color of happy memories, Swarovski presents new Majestic Blue. This superbly pure blue has a deeper hue and more intense sparkle than any previous shade of blue. It’s a mesmerizing quality that makes it ideal for use in premium costume jewelry, statement timepieces, and high-end apparel and accessories, as well as for adding a touch of luxe to DIY projects, packaging and electronics.


Elegant and refined, the new Crystal Dove Grey Pearl speaks to myriad design directions and exquisitely complements the new Majestic Blue in sophisticated and glamorous designs.


The New Crystal LacquerPRO Effects Buttercup, Lime and Lilac answer our need for refined shine and uplifting hues. A perfect match for elegant styles, bold streamlined designs, and expressive looks, the New LacquerPRO Colors also offer exciting, fresh design possibilities when combined with Majestic Blue.



Versatility never goes out of style. Neither does simplicity. Featuring a multilayered round cut ideal for creating the look of fine jewelry without
 the need for a setting, this gemstone-inspired crystal features 49 facets that create a level of brilliance that stands the test of time. 


A perfect companion for traditional elegant looks, the classic jewel cut of the Emerald Sew-on Stone appeals equally to truly individualistic styles and modern outdoor looks.


Combining the unique sparkle of Swarovski crystals with a sleek metal silhouette, the new Fine Rocks Tube is the culmination 
of a fashion-forward approach to the creation of hybrid beads especially for creating distinctive designs. Cylindrical in shape, it features a premium pavé surface created using double-pointed chatons; this is a decorative technique renowned for its highly refined brilliance.


This modernization of a classic cut means that it suits forward-thinking and sculptural designs just as much as it does traditional elegance.

Treehouse Holiday Charity Drive Results 2017!

The results of our Treehouse holiday charity drive are in! We sold 1686 TierraCast holiday charms during our 2018 charity drive this year! Thanks to you, an incredible $1686 donation will go to help Seattle foster children have a merrier Christmas this year! You have truly made a difference in these children’s lives and we thank you for your support and generosity.


Thank you so much from the entire Fusion Beads family! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday Tips and Tricks! Ringing in the New Year with Your Favorite Accessory…Necklaces!

The end of 2017 is just around the corner, and it’s getting to be that time to make the perfect necklace to wear while ringing in the New Year!

Fusion Beads will not only be introducing amazing new Inspiration Projects to get your creative ideas flowing, but we will also have a few tips to help you make your own! Including an answer to the most important question of all, does this necklace go with my dress?!When it comes to your ideal statement piece, there are actually quite a few popular necklace lengths to choose from! (Also, don’t forget to check out our Helpful Design Tips page for more expert knowledge on making necklaces!)

The Choker, is generally 14-16 inches long and will usually fall just above the collarbone, which displays a necklace beautifully on your neck. This length goes will with a Boat Neck, Strapless, Scoop, V-Neck (we may recommend a choker that mimics the V shape), Sweetheart, and Off the Shoulder necklines. For a quirky choker to wear check out our Frill Seeker Necklace!

The Princess, is generally 18-20 inch. This length is the most popular and can be easily dressed up or down. Its versatility accommodates many different styles of beads and techniques. The Princess is similar to the Choker in that it looks great with a variety of necklines, such as the Scoop, V-Neck, Sweetheart, and Off the Shoulder. A stunning statement piece in the Princess length is the Born to Shine Necklace!

The Matinee is generally 20-24 inches. The Matinee is a popular, classic choice. It’s an ideal length for a necklace worn over clothing or for the more daring, with a low-cut top. This length goes well with Strapless, Boat Neck, and High necklines. (On a side note, lower cut necklines may not work well with this length because it might start to compete with the neckline.) A great example of this length is with the Crystal Galaxy Necklace!

The Opera length which is 26 to 35 inches long and can be worn in a single strand, or you can double it as a choker-length necklace. Depending on the beads, this length might also work as a bracelet when wrapped multiple times. Three for one? Count me in! The Opera length can really bring out the style of your neckline if you wear it with a Halter or High neckline. This stunning new necklace, Shimmer Tassel Necklace Inspiration Project, is gorgeous and perfect for the New Year celebrations.

The Rope, is generally more than 35 inches. The Rope length hangs extremely low, sometimes just above the waistline. Like the Opera length, you can make the Rope into a multi-purpose piece by wrapping it several times to make a shorter necklace or even making a bracelet! The Rope length goes fabulously with a Halter or High neckline, and not to mention that this particular length really brings back the style of the Flapper Girl! A great example of this kind of necklace is the Natural Point Necklace!


Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


Tuesday Tips and Tricks! How to Create Personalized Jewelry with Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping can make any piece of jewelry personal and unique. For the upcoming holidays, for Mother’s or Father’s Day, and especially for birthdays, metal stamping can send a special message to a loved one who can cherish it for a long time.

A great example of how creative you can be with this technique is with our To The Moon And Back Necklace Inspiration Project, where we have used ImpressArt’s Letters and Symbols stamping tools. ImpressArt has a large collection of diverse symbols available like the Spaceship, Moon, and Star used in this piece.

This adorable message on a circle tag is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can be created with a few metal stamping tools, a brass hammer, a steel bench block, and an enamel marker.

Metal stamping is actually a very simple process once you have acquired all the tools. A great tip is to first practice your stamping on a piece of copper sheet metal. Copper sheet metal is usually inexpensive and soft. When stamping for the first time, I recommend practicing a little before moving on to your actual jewelry. Knowing how much pressure to apply with your hammer will help you make your first stamp mark leave a clear indentation on your component.

Another invaluable tip is to hold down your blank component in place with a piece of masking tape. The tape will help your blank component stay in place while you apply pressure with your stamp and the hammer. Tape can also work in creating a straight line to help guide the placement for your letters. When you have secured your component, and practiced on some scrap metal, you will be all set to create a one of kind piece of jewelry.Now, antiquing your stamping is essential in making your message really stand out. There are several ways to antique your metal, and it really does depend on what materials you have on hand. You can oxidize your metal using Liver of Sulfur, or you can give your stamps an antiqued look by using an enamel pen, alcoholic inks and acrylic paints (if you are interested in using different colors other than black!) or even a plain old sharpie! It really depends on what kind of environment you have available to you. For example, Liver of Sulfur is best to do outside while an enamel marker or sharpie you can do on the go!To give you a few more ideas on how to use metal stamping to bring your jewelry to the next level, check out these awesome Inspiration Projects below. Metal stamping can be used to make pet tags for your friends, to make a gift for your parents that include all their children’s names, or even jewelry that can make the ideal piece to represent your team at the game! The opportunities to incorporate metal stamping into your jewelry is truly endless, and even better, so much fun!

Live, Laugh And Love Bracelet Inspiration Project

Team Player Necklace Inspiration Project


Mandala Earrings Inspiration Project


Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


Tuesday Tips and Tricks: How To Use Our Awesome Seed Bead Palettes

Seed Bead Palettes are a great tool to use when you are looking for colors that are complimentary or if you are looking for the best beads to bring your design to the next level!

Personally, I have always had a hard time pairing colors for my projects and have found seed bead palettes to be incredibly useful and time saving when searching for a plethora of color ways.

One of my favorite palettes is the Deco Delica Palette. Most of our palettes are also available in size 11 and 8 Japanese Round seed beads. The Delicas used in this palette create a delicious combination of copper, bronze, metallic greens, and a variety of black and grey tones. One of my favorite Inspiration pieces uses this palette with the beading crochet technique to create a seamlessly joined bracelet.

When using seed bead palettes you can use the same technique or design but create something new by using a different color palette! I would love to stack a few of these beautiful crochet bracelets on my wrist using a combination of the Deco, Costal and Highland palettes! I always trust our seed bead palettes to showcase the best of the seed bead world because they are created by our very own jewelry designers!

Deco Crochet Bracelet Inspiration Project 

Another really great example of using a seed bead palette, is for making memory wire bracelets! Like our Beachy Bracelet, the organic and irregular shape of Japanese Round seed beads creates a natural and energetic aesthetic that really reminds one of the beach!

A great idea for the holidays would be to make several of these bracelets as gifts and personalize each bracelet by using a different seed bead palette! How stunning would this design and technique look using the Midnight mini seed bead palette, or even the Sedona palette!

Beachy Bracelet Inspiration Project 

A wonderful design tip when using seed beads is to combine them with metallic colors, or glass beads with a strong geometric shape! By incorporating fun shapes like triangles, drops, cubes, donuts and crescents, you can add dimension and texture to your pieces! These beads are great as spacers, and will enhance your design or pattern!

Our newest loom piece, the Gilded Patchwork Bracelet Inspiration Project is a fabulous example of how metallic seed beads can be used to bedazzle your jewelry. This stunning bracelet uses our freshly debuted seed bead palette Heritage combined with gold Delica seed beads to create a dynamic piece of jewelry!

Gilded Patchwork Bracelet Inspiration Project 

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!

– Zoe

Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks! – Getting to Know Czech Glass Beads

The gorgeous glass beads that are coming from the Czech Republic are really changing the way beaders are weaving and creating jewelry. Every year new geometric shapes are designed with bead weavers in mind, and although it is exciting, it can be slightly overwhelming to keep up with all the amazing shapes!

Below are diagrams and pictures of the latest glass beads that have been added to our website. We thought having a post that highlights just the shape of these beads would be helpful in envisioning and creating patterns and designs.  We hope you enjoy getting to know these beads and their unique shapes and possibilities!

The Nib-Bit

The Nib-Bit is a glass bead with two 0.6 mm parallel holes, a wedge shape that is a wide rectangle top or base that tapers into a smaller round curve at the bottom. It has flat sides which make it possible to place side by side. The configurations with this bead are endless, but can make great floral and round stitch pieces.

The Prong 

I like to think of this 1-hole glass bead as a shark fin or a claw. With one hole near the flat end of this bead and with its tapered tip the Prong can add texture and dimension to your pieces.

The Beam

The Beam is a slim rectangular shape with three 0.8 mm holes. It has rounded ends, flat sides, and a narrow form that wear comfortable on the skin. This bead works well when you want to create a strong visual linear design.

The Arcos Par Pucas

The Arcos Par Pucas can give any design curves with its striking arch. This bead is shaped like a macaroni elbow with square bottoms and has three holes. These pieces are made to pair with the Minos Par Pucas.

The Minos Par Pucas

Although the Minos Par Pucas are sold separately from the Arcos Par Pucas, they were made to be paired together in a design. This bead has 1-hole and is a squat, round, cylinder bead. Definitely a cute bead on its own, when paired with two Arcos Par Pucas these little beads can make a circle.

The Cali Bead

The Cali bead has a sleek pointed-oval shape and is very similar to the Beam, except that instead of more angular edges this bead has nice round tapered ends. This 3-hole bead is great for creating lines in your design with a soft shape.

The DiamonDuo

The DiamonDuo is a 2-hole bead with a flat bottom and a faceted domed top with four sides. This bead can add a lovely studded texture and a cool mosaic effect to your designs. DiamonDuos can be inter-changeable with GemDuos in most designs and patterns.

The Gekko Bead 

The long awaited Gekko bead has only 1-hole that runs vertically through the bottom of the bead. It has a thinner pinched top with three points that end in a curved thick bottom. This bead is similar to the Dragon Scale glass bead but has rounder and thicker edges. The Gekko bead can be used to create a scale-like appearance to your jewelry designs.

The GemDuo

The GemDuo is a gorgeous diamond-shaped glass bead that is very similar to the DiamonDuo. It has a flat bottom and a more gentle raised beveled top that resembles a two-sided faceted gemstone. The GemDuos come in exciting colors and have two generously sized holes that run parallel through the bead.

The ZoliDuo 

The unique paisley-shaped ZoliDuo has two holes, with one hole going through the widest part of the bead and one through the narrowest part of the bead. The tops are domed while the backs are flat, allowing them to lie flush against your skin. This glass bead comes in two directions to create even more diverse patterns. These ZoliDuos pictured above are left-oriented, meaning when you look at the bead with the widest part on top, the bead curves leftward. ZoliDuos Right versions are also available on the website.

A really useful tool to use when designing new bead weaving pieces is to check out our Inspiration Projects and CzechMates Patterns. The jewelry created by our jewelry designers and the company CzechMates can give you an idea of what kind of shapes can be made with these glass beads. Be sure to check out the latest in our inspiring projects below!

Gekko Bracelet Inspiration Project 

Rainbow Gold Bracelet Inspiration Project

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips and Tricks!

Happy Beading!