Personalized Morse Code Jewelry!

First, lets start off with a little history on Morse code:

Morse Code is a detailed system of dots, dashes, and spaces used to represent numbers, punctuation, and letters of the alphabet. It’s a system that uses long and short sounds, flashes of light, or marks to represent letters and numbers.

The original code was designed for the landline telegraph service and worked well with the mechanical sounders heard in the telegraph stations. However, with use, some characters changed by various users in various countries. It is named for Samuel F. B. Morse, an inventor of the telegraph.

In 1848 Germany created a standard which eliminated the long spaces and long dashes. The new standard also changed the code for the numerical characters. This modified version of the Morse code was accepted in 1865 throughout Europe and became known as Continental Morse. Later, as Continental Morse was accepted for use around the world, it became known as International Morse. The original version of Morse code became known as American Morse.

You can download the American Morse Code PDF here

You can download the International Morse Code PDF here

Now that we have a little background information, let’s talk about Morse code JEWELRY! I love making jewelry that has a special meaning, and by using Morse code in your jewelry designs it makes a wonderful personalized gift for friends and family to cherish for a lifetime. The fun thing about using Morse code in jewelry is that you would never guess the beads spell out a word or phrase just by looking at them. It’s really cool to have a hidden message in your jewelry and Morse code is easily translatable with beads! You can use many different sizes, materials, styles and colors of beads when designing these unique pieces of jewelry.

Even though you can make these designs for yourself, I absolutely love the idea of gifting handmade jewelry with a very special meaning, and in this case, it’s practically hidden.

Below we made a few different pieces of jewelry using beads to represent the letters in Morse code. We hope these will inspire you to go off and create your own personalized designs!

First up, I made this super cute Strength Morse Code mixed metal necklace. It spells out the word ‘STRENGTH” using 3mm sterling silver round beads to represent the dots in the letters and 2x3mm golf-filled crimp beads to represent the dashes in the letters. It’s a really subtle way to share a message in a trendy, quick and easy design using International Morse Code. The next design is the I Love You Morse Code bracelet Cody created using colorful size 8 seed beads. It looks like a trendy beaded bracelet but it’s even more fun because it has a phrase hidden in the way the beads were strung. The size 8 Opaque Turquoise seed beads represent the dots in the letters and 2 – size 8 white lined cobalt blue seed beads together represent the dash in the letters. The size 8 silver seed beads represent the space which separates each letter. By following the International Morse Code print out you can see that the bracelet spells out “I LOVE YOU”.
Now that we’ve shown you a few fun examples of how to create Morse code jewelry, we can’t wait to see what you design. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can see your finished jewelry. If you have any fun suggestions or questions let us know in the comments below!

Happy Beading – Allie




Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Aquamarine

Coolness – Responsibility – Softness – Trust.

The third color in the Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors program is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine inspires feelings of relaxation, weightlessness and purity. This cool tranquil blue promotes peacefulness and trust, inspires patience, and also helps to calm the senses.

Be inspired by our new Aquamarine Sparkle earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Aquamarine beads and pendants with chain to create a stunning new jewelry design.We also have many more jewelry designs featuring aquamarine to inspire you, as well as different crystal shapes and sizes on our website.

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Save the Coral Charity Drive

We’re doing something special for World Oceans Day! Now through the end of June, we’ll be donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the Save the Coral Charity Drive to the Coral Reef Alliance, an amazing organization devoted to saving the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems in the world from extinction. The items gathered in this charity drive mimic the beautiful coloring or shape of genuine red and pink coral, but don’t contribute to the destruction of natural coral reefs.

We encourage you to try these wonderful alternatives to real coral and do a little good for the environment while you design.

Click here to view: Save the Coral Charity Drive

Here are just 4 reasons why we should all be more kind to coral:

  1. Provides Homes – Coral provides valuable habitats for fish and other sea life.
  2. Supports a Community – Corl supports nearby communities with a vital food source and fishing industry.
  3. Contributes to Medicine – Coral has led to medical discoveries, some that are helping treat cancer.
  4. Protect Against Disaster – Coral creates a natural barrier that protects against hurricanes and typhoons.

Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Tangerine

Cheerfulness – Enthusiasm – Fun – Warmth

The second color in the Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors program is Tangerine.

Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature.

This juicy, summery shade is wonderfully energizing. Tangerine is a vivacious color that brings clarity and creativity and promotes physical strength and endurance. It also implies a desire for a fresh and playful element in your life.

Be inspired by our new Tangerine Drop earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Tangerine in a fun glue-in Rivoli design.

We also have many more jewelry designs featuring tangerine to inspire you, as well as different crystal shapes and sizes on our website.

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The Colebanks go to Chiang Mai!

On December 23rd, 2018 my family traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I knew that it would be a great trip, but it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime, full of food, jewelry, elephants and, you guessed it, beads! My two good friends that live in Chiang Mai half the year were amazing tour guides. There is a 15-hour time difference from our home in Seattle, but we powered through and immersed ourselves in activity right away.

On our first day I met our Thai Silver Bead vendor, who we have been doing business with for about 15 years. This was a real treat to get to meet him personally, see his shop and pick out some one of a kind pieces to bring back to our amazing customers! The Thai Silver beads are handmade by artisans of the Karen Hill Tribe using traditional tribal techniques. I could have stayed there all week!  I hope you love what I picked out. Thank you for supporting this family run Thai business. We wanted to do something to give back to the community while we were there. We decided on the Piyawat Orphanage. The orphanage was founded by Mr. Preecha in memory of his youngest son, Piyawat, who passed away in 2008 from cystic fibrosis. My friend Cheron contacted them before our arrival and asked what we could do for them. We were told that the kids REALLY wanted to go ice-skating, so that is what we did! We spent an incredible day with the kids ice-skating, having pizza and finishing with ice-cream. They were all so polite, beautiful and gracious. You can read more about the orphanage here on their website: We spent a lovely day with a family owned business in Chiang Mai that sells their handmade sterling silver Thai charms that they design and make in their shop house. My daughter, Marina, and I picked out a new line of charms. We had so much fun! They were incredibly welcoming, letting us take our time going through all of their amazing samples. They are a very caring family that has created an environment to support hiring some deaf employees. We saw the artisans at work while we were there. You are supporting a great company when you purchase these charms! The elephant is Thailand’s national symbol. You cannot go to Thailand without seeing images of elephants everywhere on fabrics, in jewelry and in art. As a family we decided to visit an ethical elephant sanctuary. After some research, we picked Kanta Elephant Sanctuary. At Kanta the elephants are rescued from logging or the circus and get to live out their lives roaming free. We were able to feed them and brush them as they bathed in the river, which helps protect their skin from the sun and fungal infections. It was amazing to spend half a day with these gentle giants! Fun facts we learned are that elephants sweat through their eyes and love sugar cane. It was an enriching lovely day and I’ve already made jewelry using elephant charms! And then there were the markets! Thai markets are colorful, inspiring, lively and a must do while visiting. We spent an evening at the Chiang Mai night market surrounded by artists and creativity; I went from booth to booth to experience it all. Not surprisingly, the jewelry was my favorite and I was ready to bead, bead, bead back at our Airbnb. The jewelry artists I met were so nice and let me take pictures of their work. I bought plenty of pieces for my collection and have enjoyed wearing them back home. As you can see the detail and beauty of their work is amazing. There’s nothing more I love about travel than getting to see what kind of jewelry is being made in other parts of the world….ask any of my friends who have seen my collection! Thailand was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I felt inspired and humbled by the experience.

– Mari

Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Light Topaz

Energy – Happiness – Illumination – Joy

The first color in the Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors program is Light Topaz.

Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature.

Energetic and joyful, Light Topaz expresses the sun’s brightness, warmth and light. It’s the color of ideas and dreams, stimulating creativity and boosting confidence, as well as clearing the mind, reviving the spirit, and encouraging us to live life to the fullest.

Be inspired by our new Sunshine Sparkle earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Light Topaz in a trendy beaded cluster design.

We also have many more jewelry designs featuring light topaz to inspire you, as well as different crystal shapes and sizes on our website


• This rich color is a dominant color on the runway for S/S 2020.

• The use of topaz goes back to Egyptian times when the ancient Egyptians believed that yellow topaz received its golden hue from the Sun God, Ra.

• Topaz was first discovered in Ouro Preto in Brazil in 1735.

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