Bead Crochet Addiction!

I’m addicted. I can’t stop.  Every time I wake up I think about it. Luckily it’s a healthy beading habit, but I still might need to get some help.  I CAN’T STOP bead crocheting! For years, I’ve wanted to learn, and I tried a few times, but got stuck and discouraged. And then […]

Crazy for Kumihimo

Do your fingers ever get itchy for a new challenge or technique? Chalk it up to my short artistic attention span, but mine definitely do. That’s why I’m so excited to share this information on a form of textile art that you may not have heard of: Kumihimo braiding. In its most basic form, […]

Fastenables by Vintaj

Fastenables by Vintaj are great little components that you can fasten to just about anything you can think of. Of course, my first choice is to incorporate them into my jewelry designs, but they would also be great for altered art projects. They come in two great metals: natural brass and eco-friendly […]

Mockingjay Pin

We’re all big fans of the Hunger Games series here at, and we were so excited to hear it was going to be released as a film that we all got together last week to go and see it! Have you seen it yet? To celebrate the movie’s premier, we decided to create […]

Learn All The Variations of Brick Stitch!

Brick Stitch is a fabulous and versatile bead weaving stitch that can be adapted in so many different ways to achieve a number of different looks. You can use basic brick stitch with decreasing to make flat shapes with seed beads, or you can embellish components or beads with brick stitch to add color, […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Happy Tuesday! Today’s tip will help you produce wire wraps with the same sized loops for your wire jewelry projects! When you are using round nose pliers to create wire wrapped loops (see the technique here), it’s very difficult to turn your loops so that they’re all the same size every time. Luckily, […]