Check Out Our Beaded Ornament Cover Books!

Unlike a lot of beaders, I went about learning techniques in a totally backwards way when I started. I started with basic wire working, but instead of progressing to stringing and such, I skipped right to metalsmithing, soldering and PMC. It took me several years and several bead store jobs to stop and think, […]

We Love Stringing Magazine!

Every time a new Stringing Magazine comes through our door here at, each of us in the creative room stops whatever we are doing so we can check out all the fun new designs! A couple of weeks ago,when we received the Winter 2010 issue, we had much more to cheer about than just the […]

Green Girl Studios

Some of my all-time favorite bead artists are the fabulous family at Green Girl Studios. Cynthia Thornton and Greg Ogden are the husband-and-wife team behind the magical creations cast of fine pewter, sterling silver, shibuichi and bronze. They live in Asheville, North Carolina, with their two amazing children, Azalea and Max. Their wonderful brother, […]

Stamped Metal Jewelry

We just got in a terrific new book, Stamped Metal Jewelry, by Lisa Niven Kelly.  If you’ve ever thought about trying a stamping project, this is the book for you!

The amount of valuable information in this book is amazing. It takes you through all the basics of the tools and materials […]