Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2020-21 Collection Trends

The design conversation turns towards overt expressions of femininity as the season aesthetic rekindles a long-awaited sense of everyday passion. Elegance, finesse and sensuous sophistication reminiscent of the ’40s are revealed in cuts and shaped that are romantic yet strong, enduring yet modern. a sparkling condy-colored palette accented with sumptuous, moody shades from nature enables summer to segue into winter. Meanwhile, the wild outdoor beckons as an antidote to our tech-driven lifestyles. All for the love of crystal…The fabulous finesse of the ’40s is having a fashion moment. with the focus on buying better, sartorial styles comes heavily into play. peices that ensure a wardrobe works are paramount. Aiming for long-term appeal, we embrace a mash-up of tradition and heritage to reconstruct the past, whilst honoring a thoroughly modern future.
Keywords: STREAMLINED | STRUCTURED | HERITAGE | DIRECTIONAL | ENSEMBLE | BRAVE | JETIn 2021, JOMO not FOMO (joy of missing out vs. fear of missing out) will be our catchword. a push towards soft, natural and tactile materials in cocooning shapes that cuddle, and simple styles that relax will become standard. a return focus on “femininity” will infuse women’s apparel with a tongue-in check approach as we indulge in the romantic notion of fashion for a purpose.
Keywords: FEMININE | ROMANTIC | GENTLE | QUIRKY | LAYERING | DREAMY | CONTEMPLATIVEIn a new fashion landscape, the everyday becomes more extreme, with sturdy outdoor pieces in technically advanced textiles offering a solution to our increasingly sedentary and tech-driven lifestyles. The advent of extremism and adventure influences our wardrobe choices, with outdoor elements being interpreted for everyday wardrobe options. The era of “tech-tility” has arrived!
Keywords: ECLECTIC | HI-LO | SHINY | BOLD | SHAPE-FITTING | NEW FORMATS | MODERN CASUALThe call of the wild has entered the mainstream. The raw and the abandoned, the imperfect and the undone have taken center stage and written a new narrative. Desiring a contrast to the well-behaved and picture-perfect digital world, we revel in things we cannot control. An unleashing of primal energy is captured in design elements – windswept, rough, raw, rugged – the aesthetic is extreme. It is time to dance to a completely untamed melody.

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