Save the Coral Charity Drive

We’re doing something special for World Oceans Day! Now through the end of June, we’ll be donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the Save the Coral Charity Drive to the Coral Reef Alliance, an amazing organization devoted to saving the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems in the world from extinction. The items gathered in this charity drive mimic the beautiful coloring or shape of genuine red and pink coral, but don’t contribute to the destruction of natural coral reefs.

We encourage you to try these wonderful alternatives to real coral and do a little good for the environment while you design.

Click here to view: Save the Coral Charity Drive

Here are just 4 reasons why we should all be more kind to coral:

  1. Provides Homes – Coral provides valuable habitats for fish and other sea life.
  2. Supports a Community – Corl supports nearby communities with a vital food source and fishing industry.
  3. Contributes to Medicine – Coral has led to medical discoveries, some that are helping treat cancer.
  4. Protect Against Disaster – Coral creates a natural barrier that protects against hurricanes and typhoons.

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