Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Tangerine

Cheerfulness – Enthusiasm – Fun – Warmth

The second color in the Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors program is Tangerine.

Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature.

This juicy, summery shade is wonderfully energizing. Tangerine is a vivacious color that brings clarity and creativity and promotes physical strength and endurance. It also implies a desire for a fresh and playful element in your life.

Be inspired by our new Tangerine Drop earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Tangerine in a fun glue-in Rivoli design.

We also have many more jewelry designs featuring tangerine to inspire you, as well as different crystal shapes and sizes on our website.

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2 comments to Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Tangerine

  • Marilynn Tobash

    I love the color Tangerine and I love the fragrance that came from peeling a fresh zip skin tangerine. Unfortunately I can’t find them anymore, all I can find now are clementines and mandarins. They taste good but they don’t have the tangerine fragrance. I’ve always associated the color with that fragrance, I wonder if Swarovski will ever have the technology to add fragrance to their crystals like lilac, rosewater and tangerine?

  • FusionBeads.com

    Oh my goodness! Best idea ever! I don’t think we would ever leave, our warehouse would smell so tasty!

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