Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Light Topaz

Energy – Happiness – Illumination – Joy

The first color in the Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors program is Light Topaz.

Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature.

Energetic and joyful, Light Topaz expresses the sun’s brightness, warmth and light. It’s the color of ideas and dreams, stimulating creativity and boosting confidence, as well as clearing the mind, reviving the spirit, and encouraging us to live life to the fullest.

Be inspired by our new Sunshine Sparkle earrings featuring Swarovski Crystal Light Topaz in a trendy beaded cluster design.

We also have many more jewelry designs featuring light topaz to inspire you, as well as different crystal shapes and sizes on our website


• This rich color is a dominant color on the runway for S/S 2020.

• The use of topaz goes back to Egyptian times when the ancient Egyptians believed that yellow topaz received its golden hue from the Sun God, Ra.

• Topaz was first discovered in Ouro Preto in Brazil in 1735.

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1 comment to Swarovski CYS Psychology of Colors – Light Topaz

  • Dona

    I love the color Lt Topaz. It is my son’s birthstone and it is a happy color. I use lt topaz for my chakra bracelets.

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