Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors

The psychological power of color should never be ignored. Colors evoke emotion, influence our thoughts, and even moderate our stress levels. Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature – think about the carefree outdoor mood that we associate with the color blue, for instance; in evolutionary terms, it says clear, storm-free skies, which brings to mind stability and calm.
The colors we are drawn to reflect our personalities, telling the world about the kind of person we are, what we want to communicate, and even revealing a glimpse of our anxieties. So, it’s important to choose colors wisely. Swarovski has always been fascinated by the psychology of color, and applies its color-coding expertise to each and every new color palette. During this program we will feature some of the hues in the current assortment, and find out how to identify the shades that complement the person that you are.

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16 comments to Swarovski Create Your Style – Psychology of Colors

  • Angela

    This sounds fascinating. A true beading inspiration concept. Thanks

  • Gloria

    Can’t wait to go on this journey into color!!

  • Virginia Ross

    This should prove interesting.

  • Giulia

    Looking forward to this experience!

  • Looking forward to the journey of color

  • Antoinette Chovelon

    I think this is going to be very interesting!

  • Olga Teague

    Sounds interesting!

  • Carmen Sievers

    Looking forward to the color scheme

  • Susan Murdoch

    Looking forward to it love Swarovski and all the beatiful colours.

  • Susan

    This series is important not just for jewelry, but life in general! It gives you power to align what you wear, and your jewelry accents, with the impression you seek to make. Can’t wait!

  • FusionBeads.com

    Thank you Susan! Not many understand how aligning your clothing and accessory choices can make or break an impression. No matter your style, you can make your statement loud and clear before a word is even spoken!

  • FusionBeads.com

    We are grateful to hear it Angela! The psychology of color is a fascinating subject.

  • FusionBeads.com

    We are looking forward to exploring it with you Gloria!

  • Jacqueline Jacqueline

    There must be hundreds of ladies if not more and men to whom this rings a bell. Beginning in the 1960s when I was studying interior design and decorating that I was first most broadly introduced to color and the psychology with it. We don’t always understand or connect color to things but one of the first items we learned lots of restaurants and dining places are decorated with red or orange warm colors that stimulate the appetite. Then the association with the coolness and calmness of blue and some shades of green as well as other outdoor colors like brown and black that bring a firm statement to mind. I would love to be involved in sharing the knowledge I have garnered over the past 60 years with color I am a fine arts seller and teacher, a published author and look forward to the opportunity to write articles that explain these things and be involved somehow in your project if that’s a possibility as a Jewellery Constructor. What are your thoughts Fusion? Thank you! Jaclyn J

  • FusionBeads.com

    Hi Jaclyn, thank you for your interest, at this time we do not have guest writers.

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