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Welcome back to another week of Top 10 recaps as we cover your favorite products and projects of 2018. Over the past few weeks we have covered everything from beginning to middle, with recaps of your top beading and craft room essentials, favorite charms, and popular beading mixes. While you prepare your next design from these tried and true favorites, we think it’s about time to talk about the tools that will help you get the job done without unnecessary frustration. So join us as we review the Top 10 Tools our community took home to get projects started on the right foot and support countless design needs during 2018!


1. Tulip Beading Needles

Stitch everything from a quick pair of brick stitched earrings to the beloved wrapped cord bracelet with our ultra popular Tulip beading needles. Both flexible and springy, Tulip needles resist bending and breakage while delivering a high-quality bead weaving experience for days to come!


2. Bead Mat

Stop your seed beads from rolling away with super soft, foam-like beading mats. Use these favorite project helpers to keep your Delicas and other small beads in line, or try our new Tacky Bead Mat for extra design security and peace of mind.


3. Anti-Tarnish Tabs

Keep your designs shining year round with these top-selling anti-tarnish tabs. One tab protects against tarnish for approximately 6 months and is wonderful to include when gifting metal jewelry!


4. Xuron Thread and Fiber Scissors

This indispensable tool will cleanly and easily cut beading thread, as well as a wide variety of other stringing materials. We keep these readily available while designing and consider them one of our must-haves for bead weaving and general craft and jewelry making.


5. Design Save’n Go Junior

Transport your beading projects and design on the go with this trendsetting project case. Open your Design Save’n Go Junior to access the built-in bead mat and design template, then close and carry your projects wherever you go, knowing that everything is safe and in place for the next time you resume.


6. Perfect End Thread Burner

Burn away frayed thread ends with a transportable heating element tip. Often considered a bead weaver’s best friend, the Perfect End Thread Burner is ideal for melting and cauterizing K.O., FireLine, Nymo, Superlon and other synthetic beading threads for seamless projects that you will certainly look forward to showing off.


7. Artistic Wire Shimmer Tool Kit with Case

Treat yourself to an Artistic Wire Shimmer Tool Kit with convenient carrying case. This kit contains five essential tools made of high-quality stainless steel and comfortable shimmering purple non-slip handles to satisfy your high-standards and project needs!


8. Tapered Nylon Jaw Pliers

Quickly secure stones without scratching metal findings with these popular nylon jaw pliers. Pick up a pair for the perfect project companion when working with Gita findings, such as in our Shine Bright Bracelet project, or use to straighten and wrap wire for a stunningly smooth style.


9. Bead Crochet Hook Set

Try out a new technique with this complete set of crochet hooks. Including five crochet hooks in a variety of sizes, this set arrives ready to travel in a stylish pink polka dot case with comfortable tools you will praise again and again.


10. Crimping Pliers

Once you use crimping pliers, you’ll never go back to conventional methods, which can leave an unsightly, sharp-edged crimp in your jewelry designs. These popular 4 in 1 crimping pliers can be used to crimp 1mm, 2mm and 3mm crimp beads and come fully supported with video tutorials to support your beading success.


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced beader, the right tool for your design can make all the difference and should never be underestimated. Let us know what tools you always keep on hand in the comments below and stay tuned for our final recap covering our community’s favorite projects of 2018 on the blog next Friday!

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