Top 10 Mixes

Welcome back to week three of our top product and project recaps for 2018! In these past few weeks we’ve taken a look back at Fusion Beaders’ top choices for beading essentials and creative charms, with so many fun favorites to inspire countless projects in 2019. This week let’s begin with a look at some favorites that just arrived last month as we uncover what our community chose as this year’s Top 10 Mixes!


1. SuperDuo Mixes

One of our most popular new mixes featured your favorite two-hole beads in a brilliant collection of colorways! We simply love these SuperDuo mixes for quick wrapped cord bracelet projects, while you adored our Raku Mix of earthy blue, green, and red hues, which came in as your top pick for 2018.


2. Fusion Party Seed Bead Mix

Our next mix inspired you to bring home the 21st anniversary celebrations with this unique assortment of Fusion-inspired colors. From our favorite Fusion pink to beautiful blues and greens, these size 8 seed beads arrived with a collection of inspiration projects and free instructions for creating chic crochet bracelets, a bubbly memory wire bracelet, a brick stitch component necklace and more!


3. Mixed Stones Gemstone Beads

The next mix to make our list features a variety of gemstones in three sizes to support any project requirements! These mixed round gemstones beads were a popular choice for simple strung bracelet designs, wrapped cord bracelets and cute stretch bracelet sets with a variety of stones to complement anything your imagination dreams up.


4. Size 11 Seed Bead Mixes

These hand-selected size 11 seed beads are a mainstay in our top mix list and an ideal choice for both loom and off-loom bead weaving designs. Explore a wide assortment of colorways including this Riverside Blue Mix starring 5 shades of deep blue and silver for refreshing seed bead designs.


5. Crimp Bead Mixes

Newly released from Beadalon, these mixes arrived just in time to make our list with an assortment of silver-plated, gold color, copper, and hematite crimp beads to complement a variety of projects. Find your perfect project solution with three crimp bead sizes for the ideal fit for any design!


6. Findings Mixes

A second new arrival to our top 10 mixes list are these assorted finding collections in an assortment of finishes and sizes. Choose between silver plated and gold plated mixes to finish either 1mm or 2mm cord designs.


7. Mixed Hammer Set

This popular set includes an assortment of hammers perfect for the aspiring metalworker! The Maker Hammer Set by Fretz includes five high-quality stainless steel heads for planishing, raising and embossing as you add new layers of texture to your next metal creation.


8. Size 8 Seed Bead Mixes

Another seed bead favorite are these hand-selected size 8 mixes in all of your favorite colorways! From brightly colored collections for approaching spring styles to never-out-of-style neutrals, these seed bead mixes were created with designers in mind, helping them secure a spot in our top 10 list.


9. Metallic Shapes Seed Bead Mixes

Style your next project with our popular selection of metallic seed bead mixes. Stitch with this favorite Dragon Scale Mix or choose from our metallic O-Bead or SuperDuo mixes for a collection of compatible colors in fun shapes that add dreamy dimension to any project!


10. Soft Flex Beading Wire Mix

Last but definitely not least are these soft flex beading wire mixes for durable yet flexible beading projects. Take home this ultra-popular beading wire brand in a variety of colors for designs that drape delightfully and refrain from kinking during the design process!


Let us know your favorite mix from the list above and what you can’t wait to try with the New Year in the comments below. Then come back next week as we cover the top 10 tools our community couldn’t wait to use this year!

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