Top 10 Beading Essentials

The year may be coming to an end but that means it’s almost the start of a whole new year full of limitless beading potential! Whether you’re way ahead of the game with a fully stocked design room, or looking for new ways to prepare for the upcoming year, we’re here to help with a recap of the top 10 essentials every beader should consider for their stash.

FireLine Beading Thread

1. Beading Thread

Like the age old question of what happens when a tree falls in a forest, we wonder if any craft room is truly complete without a healthy stash of beading thread?


Tulip Beading Needles

2. Beading Needles

We have found that these beading needles may be one of the most essential tools you could own… they even have the word need in them!


Thread Magic Thread Conditioner

3. Thread Magic

When the going gets rough, make sure your thread is smooth and easy to manage with this fan-favorite thread conditioner.


Bead Board By Bead On It Boards

4. Beading Board or Beading Tray

We absolutely love these custom bead boards by Bead On It Boards. Along with saving many a bead that has tried to roll away, these boards come in our signature Fusion pink with multiple shapes and sizes to fit any craft space requirements!


Base Metal Lobster Claw Clasp

5. Lobster Claw Clasps

What could be more important than a classic clasp to finish those quick projects for your favorite relative or best friend?


Sterling Silver Head Pin

6. Head Pins

Don’t forget to keep some handy head pins on deck for days when inspiration strikes.


2x2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Bead

7. Crimp Beads and Covers

Keep these popular project findings on hand to finish your designs with flair. Then disguise your essential crimp beads with our shiny crimp bead covers for a piece that truly amazes.


Artistic Wire Shimmer Tool Kit With Case

8. Tool Sets

The bread and butter to any good design is the proper tool for crafting your vision! Check out our top-selling tool kits with ergonomic styles to fit any beading needs.


Fusion Beads Tape Measure

9. Measuring Tape

This Fusion essential is one of our most popular tools for all of your measurement needs. Bring it along for beading on-the-go and quickly check your necklace or bracelet length to create the perfect design.


Clear Plastic Storage Box

10. Plastic Storage Boxes

Don’t forget these plastic storage boxes for the ultimate organization system to kick off the New Year! Stack these clear boxes for a quick peek into your beading stash and find out what’s running low before you begin your next project.


Let us know your top 10 beading essentials in the comments below and stay tuned for next week’s top 10 recap of your most loved charms!

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