Swarovski Fall/Winter 2019 Innovations Sneak Peek

We are thrilled to announce (drumroll please…) the much-anticipated first look at Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection! These soon-to-be-released Innovations feature exciting new shapes and finishes that are sure to inspire your next design. Join us in daydreaming about future creations as we take a look at the upcoming collection then share what you look forward to using most in the comments below!

New Pearl Color – Tahitian

Drawing inspiration from the rare saltwater pearls hidden off the coast of Tahiti, the new Iridescent Tahitian pearl provides a natural feel to jewelry designs. Compliment the rich teal tones and iridescent shimmer with classic crystals to create over-the-top extravagance or mix with metals for sophisticated styling.

New Size – 2mm Pearls

Brilliantly suited for seed beading and delicate accessories, the new Swarovski Crystal 2mm pearls are the perfect addition to any beading collection. With a wide range of color options, including everything from classic favorites to trending neon, these pearls are perfect just by themselves but can also be combined for gorgeous gradient effects!

New Effect – Crystal LacquerPro DeLite Family

Inspired by the natural beauty of Mother Earth, the new DeLite Effect debuts in five shimmering colors that encourage us to slow the pace, enjoy nature, and live sustainably. Choose from a variety of crystal shapes and watch as the subtly highlighted facets provide luxurious depth and opaque sparkle to your creations. Combine with Shimmer or Shiny LacquerPro effects for another take on personal style while creating covetable designs that endure throughout time.

New Pendant – Metallic Cap Pear-shaped Pendant

Refined and versatile, the new Metallic Cap Pear-shaped Pendant offers a sleek alternative to traditional pendants with separate metal clasps. These on-trend pendants follow a familiar shape but feature a new permanent pointed metal cap for ultra-luxurious designs. Use these soon-to-be favorites for a flexible yet interchangeable look with a variety of stylish colors and shapes for endless design possibilities!

New Fancy Stone – Imperial Cut

Retro styles receive a modern makeover with the exclusive new Imperial Cut fancy stone. Inspired by the legendary Asscher Cut (one of the top ten diamond cuts in the world), this stone brings fine-jewelry brilliance to classic jewelry designs. Compliment the new Imperial Fancy Stone with other favorite Swarovski stones (in various shapes and colors) for a cutting-edge statement that champions contemporary style.

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