Having Fun With New Czech Glass Carrier Beads!

Our new Czech Glass 9x17mm Carrier beads are pillow-shaped glass beads that serve as a base to “carry” a Peyote woven strip on it. What makes this simple bead so fun and exciting is the endless design opportunities it affords. You can create a myriad of patterns using the even count peyote stitch. Then attach the completed strip onto the Carrier bead to create a beaded bead in no time. You can stay with one pattern or a monochromatic color scheme or you can mix and match patterns to make a piece with a rich and diverse patchwork of color and pattern.

For my first experiment I used the Size 11 Delica Bead Mini Palette By FusionBeads.Com in the Cozy colorway. This was a very convenient and time-saving way to start my project because it eliminated the need to coordinate my bead colors. The colors were already compiled and ready to go so I was free to spend more time developing my Peyote patterns.

The next step was to design 6 different Peyote patterns. To begin I downloaded the Size 11 Peyote Stitch Graph Paper from Fusionbeads.com and then plotted out a few designs with color pencils. The Carrier beads accommodate a Peyote strip measuring 6 beads across and 24 beads long. I had to experiment with my Peyote designs to discover which repeating pattern would work best within the confines this limited space.  My goal was to create a repeating pattern that dovetail together perfectly at the back of the bead without disrupting the flow of the design. I found that graphing the pattern beforehand saved a lot of time and frustration!

Once I completed my 12 Peyote strips (2 of each design) it was time for the next phase gluing the strips into the beads.There are many different types of glues that can be used to attach the strips to the Carrier beads. You can even use a glue dot from a craft store but I found my favorite glue, E6000, worked best for me.

Some beaders prefer to join the Peyote strip together first and then slide the looped piece over the Carrier bead. For me, I found a more incremental approach worked better. I used a toothpick to apply a thin layer of glue to one side of the Carrier bead.I then positioned the side with the glue faced down onto in the center of the Peyote strip.Next, I carefully applied glue on the up side. Lastly, I folded the Peyote strip towards the center of the bead and used the tail thread to zip up the Peyote strip.This method not only helped me control the spread of the glue but it allowed me to adjust the tension while finishing stitch. I adjusted the weave to make it tighter or looser as needed so the strip was perfectly wrapped around the bead. Once the strip was stitched up I turned the Carrier bead on its side and pushed edge of the bead down onto the surface of my desk. This allowed me to scoot the Peyote strip over a smidge so it became perfectly aligned on the bead.

Once all my beads were finished I strung them onto two parallel strands of clear .07 Stretch Magic Elastic Cord to make a stretchy bracelet.I used 8mm Dark Lapis Pearl Swarovski Crystal Round Pearl Beads in between the Carrier beads to provide a pop of color and to make the bracelet large enough to stretch over my hand. Prior to stringing the pearls on the elastic cord I used a needle to poke through the bead to clear away any blockages. This widened the holes by eliminating any residual color coating lurking in the center of the bead. To finish the bracelet I simply crimped the cord ends together using 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads.

I was very pleased with the final project and I can’t wait to come up with more designs to use on the Carrier beads.

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