Tuesday Tips and Tricks! Ringing in the New Year with Your Favorite Accessory…Necklaces!

The end of 2017 is just around the corner, and it’s getting to be that time to make the perfect necklace to wear while ringing in the New Year!

Fusion Beads will not only be introducing amazing new Inspiration Projects to get your creative ideas flowing, but we will also have a few tips to help you make your own! Including an answer to the most important question of all, does this necklace go with my dress?!When it comes to your ideal statement piece, there are actually quite a few popular necklace lengths to choose from! (Also, don’t forget to check out our Helpful Design Tips page for more expert knowledge on making necklaces!)

The Choker, is generally 14-16 inches long and will usually fall just above the collarbone, which displays a necklace beautifully on your neck. This length goes will with a Boat Neck, Strapless, Scoop, V-Neck (we may recommend a choker that mimics the V shape), Sweetheart, and Off the Shoulder necklines. For a quirky choker to wear check out our Frill Seeker Necklace!

The Princess, is generally 18-20 inch. This length is the most popular and can be easily dressed up or down. Its versatility accommodates many different styles of beads and techniques. The Princess is similar to the Choker in that it looks great with a variety of necklines, such as the Scoop, V-Neck, Sweetheart, and Off the Shoulder. A stunning statement piece in the Princess length is the Born to Shine Necklace!

The Matinee is generally 20-24 inches. The Matinee is a popular, classic choice. It’s an ideal length for a necklace worn over clothing or for the more daring, with a low-cut top. This length goes well with Strapless, Boat Neck, and High necklines. (On a side note, lower cut necklines may not work well with this length because it might start to compete with the neckline.) A great example of this length is with the Crystal Galaxy Necklace!

The Opera length which is 26 to 35 inches long and can be worn in a single strand, or you can double it as a choker-length necklace. Depending on the beads, this length might also work as a bracelet when wrapped multiple times. Three for one? Count me in! The Opera length can really bring out the style of your neckline if you wear it with a Halter or High neckline. This stunning new necklace, Shimmer Tassel Necklace Inspiration Project, is gorgeous and perfect for the New Year celebrations.

The Rope, is generally more than 35 inches. The Rope length hangs extremely low, sometimes just above the waistline. Like the Opera length, you can make the Rope into a multi-purpose piece by wrapping it several times to make a shorter necklace or even making a bracelet! The Rope length goes fabulously with a Halter or High neckline, and not to mention that this particular length really brings back the style of the Flapper Girl! A great example of this kind of necklace is the Natural Point Necklace!


Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


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