Tuesday Tips and Tricks! How to Create Personalized Jewelry with Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping can make any piece of jewelry personal and unique. For the upcoming holidays, for Mother’s or Father’s Day, and especially for birthdays, metal stamping can send a special message to a loved one who can cherish it for a long time.

A great example of how creative you can be with this technique is with our To The Moon And Back Necklace Inspiration Project, where we have used ImpressArt’s Letters and Symbols stamping tools. ImpressArt has a large collection of diverse symbols available like the Spaceship, Moon, and Star used in this piece.

This adorable message on a circle tag is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can be created with a few metal stamping tools, a brass hammer, a steel bench block, and an enamel marker.

Metal stamping is actually a very simple process once you have acquired all the tools. A great tip is to first practice your stamping on a piece of copper sheet metal. Copper sheet metal is usually inexpensive and soft. When stamping for the first time, I recommend practicing a little before moving on to your actual jewelry. Knowing how much pressure to apply with your hammer will help you make your first stamp mark leave a clear indentation on your component.

Another invaluable tip is to hold down your blank component in place with a piece of masking tape. The tape will help your blank component stay in place while you apply pressure with your stamp and the hammer. Tape can also work in creating a straight line to help guide the placement for your letters. When you have secured your component, and practiced on some scrap metal, you will be all set to create a one of kind piece of jewelry.Now, antiquing your stamping is essential in making your message really stand out. There are several ways to antique your metal, and it really does depend on what materials you have on hand. You can oxidize your metal using Liver of Sulfur, or you can give your stamps an antiqued look by using an enamel pen, alcoholic inks and acrylic paints (if you are interested in using different colors other than black!) or even a plain old sharpie! It really depends on what kind of environment you have available to you. For example, Liver of Sulfur is best to do outside while an enamel marker or sharpie you can do on the go!To give you a few more ideas on how to use metal stamping to bring your jewelry to the next level, check out these awesome Inspiration Projects below. Metal stamping can be used to make pet tags for your friends, to make a gift for your parents that include all their children’s names, or even jewelry that can make the ideal piece to represent your team at the game! The opportunities to incorporate metal stamping into your jewelry is truly endless, and even better, so much fun!

Live, Laugh And Love Bracelet Inspiration Project

Team Player Necklace Inspiration Project


Mandala Earrings Inspiration Project


Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


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  • Good tip. It takes a bit time to find a good jeweler that can do custom work for you and obviously it takes little time to deliver. This will work well specially when you don’t have the time to order online. Good work!

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