Tuesday Tips and Tricks: How To Use Our Awesome Seed Bead Palettes

Seed Bead Palettes are a great tool to use when you are looking for colors that are complimentary or if you are looking for the best beads to bring your design to the next level!

Personally, I have always had a hard time pairing colors for my projects and have found seed bead palettes to be incredibly useful and time saving when searching for a plethora of color ways.

One of my favorite palettes is the Deco Delica Palette. Most of our palettes are also available in size 11 and 8 Japanese Round seed beads. The Delicas used in this palette create a delicious combination of copper, bronze, metallic greens, and a variety of black and grey tones. One of my favorite Inspiration pieces uses this palette with the beading crochet technique to create a seamlessly joined bracelet.

When using seed bead palettes you can use the same technique or design but create something new by using a different color palette! I would love to stack a few of these beautiful crochet bracelets on my wrist using a combination of the Deco, Costal and Highland palettes! I always trust our seed bead palettes to showcase the best of the seed bead world because they are created by our very own jewelry designers!

Deco Crochet Bracelet Inspiration Project 

Another really great example of using a seed bead palette, is for making memory wire bracelets! Like our Beachy Bracelet, the organic and irregular shape of Japanese Round seed beads creates a natural and energetic aesthetic that really reminds one of the beach!

A great idea for the holidays would be to make several of these bracelets as gifts and personalize each bracelet by using a different seed bead palette! How stunning would this design and technique look using the Midnight mini seed bead palette, or even the Sedona palette!

Beachy Bracelet Inspiration Project 

A wonderful design tip when using seed beads is to combine them with metallic colors, or glass beads with a strong geometric shape! By incorporating fun shapes like triangles, drops, cubes, donuts and crescents, you can add dimension and texture to your pieces! These beads are great as spacers, and will enhance your design or pattern!

Our newest loom piece, the Gilded Patchwork Bracelet Inspiration Project is a fabulous example of how metallic seed beads can be used to bedazzle your jewelry. This stunning bracelet uses our freshly debuted seed bead palette Heritage combined with gold Delica seed beads to create a dynamic piece of jewelry!

Gilded Patchwork Bracelet Inspiration Project 

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!

– Zoe

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