Tuesday Tips and Tricks: How to Make a Tassel with Chain

Creating a chain tassel for the first time can seem like an intimidating task. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that the best part about making a tassel with chain is that it only involves using beginner’s beading skills! To make a chain tassel, you will need these three techniques: to cut chain efficiently, make wire wrap loops, and attach a bead cap or cord end to your chain tassels.

The real trick to cutting chain efficiently is to use a head pin to keep your individual lengths of chain even all the way across. For an example of how to do this check out the photos below:

Step 1: Cut your first cut of chain to the desired length with a pair of sharp cutters.






Step 2: Slide on your first measured cut chain length onto a straight 22 gauge headpin. Slide on your continuous length of chain and then cut down your chain into smaller strands to match the first cut length of chain.






Step 3: Keep sliding the continuous chain onto the headpin to create more strands. Continue doing this until you have enough strands to fill your bead cap. This may take some guesstimating to find the right amount of cut chain needed.






Step 4: Once you have the desired amount of cut chain create a wire wrapped loop with 24 gauge wire and a pair of chain nose and round nose pliers. Before closing the loop thread all the cut strands of chain into the loop. This will leave you with a piece that looks like these Glamorous Earrings below (minus the pave beads and ear wires of course!):

Step 5: Once you have closed the first wire wrapped loop with all your strands of chain, leave enough wire to create a second wire wrapped loop. By using this Kumihimo technique of attaching a cord end, thread on a bead cap or cord end of your choice. For an example of this take a look at the pictures below:

Step 1: Slide on your bed cap or cord end onto the 24 gauge wire. ( If you find your bead cap does not fit over the strands of chain, simply cut off the excess chain until it fits snugly.)

Step 2: Begin your second wire wrap to secure your cap over your strands of chain.

By doing this you will also cover your first wire wrapped loop.

Step 3: Before closing your loop you can add on a finding now or you can add an ear wire or clasp later.

Once you have closed your second wire wrap loop, you will have completed one chain tassel! While the process needs a little finessing and definitely some trial and error, the overall process is quite simple! The look can be used in a variety of versatile ways to make beautiful one of kind pieces! For a few examples of how a chain tassel can be used check out these awesome Inspiration Projects below!

For Keeps Earrings Inspiration Project

Paris When It Sizzles Earrings Inspiration Project


Beachy Necklace Inspiration Project

Metallic Night Earrings Inspiration Project

If you are not a huge fan of the chain tassel look, check out our blog from a few years ago on how to put a bead cap or cord end on a thread tassel here.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


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