Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Lava Beads and Essential Oils

It is with great excitement and long-awaited anticipation that we now offer lava beads! A recently popular phenomenon in the beading world, lava beads can be used to absorb essential oils making your jewelry part of your aromatherapy regime.

Lava beads are made from the cooled and hardened molten rock from a VOLCANO! These beads are light-weight, black or dark brown in color, form natural craters, and are incredibly porous. The craters and porous surface make lava beads ideal for absorbing oils.

The combination of using essential oils and lava beads as a bracelet or necklace are called “diffusers” which allow you to carry with you the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go!

It is recommended to apply just a few drops to 2 or 3 beads in your piece. You can apply the oil with a dropper. Let the oil be absorb for a few minutes or lightly touch the beads to see if they are dry. Once the oil has been absorbed you can wear your piece and smell the wonderful scents of your essential oil! The scent should last a few days and you can reapply your oils once the scent fades.

Check out our beautiful new inspiration piece using these amazing lava beads, the Lava Diffuser Bracelet Inspiration Project!

I have listed a few popular oils below that can be used for a variety of health associated benefits. Please note that most essential oils should not be used when pregnant, and that all the benefits listed should not replace further research or advice from your doctor. Please apply essential oils with caution, and we recommend testing out a small amount of oil on your skin before applying it to your lava beads as some oils can cause allergic reactions. A small amount of oil can go a long way!

Lavender – Known to be calming, and can be used for stress relief.

Peppermint – A refreshing scent, this oil can be used for tension and indigestion.

Chamomile – You may have had chamomile in your tea before going to bed, this oil is known to be a mood lifter and calming.

Eucalyptus – This oil has a strong scent and can be used for respiratory issues, reduce inflammation, and congestion.

Rose – Great for circulation and anxiety.

Tea Tree – I personally love this oil as it has many uses. Known as an immune booster and anti-fungal please note that this is for topical uses ONLY.

Lemon – Great for digestion, a mood up lifter, and cleansing.

Ylang-Ylang – The scent of this oil is supposedly very soothing and can help with headaches and nausea.

Patchouli – Famous among the hippies back in the day this oil has a strong scent and is known to help battle fatigue.

Rosemary – An oil that is great for digestion and alertness.

We are excited to start making pieces with our lava beads that have such a unique and dynamic aesthetic! We hope you feel as inspired as we do!

Happy Beading!




2 comments to Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Lava Beads and Essential Oils

  • I found it interesting that you said that some lava beads jewelry is capable of using some essential oils to keep them looking shiny. personally, I don’t know much about lava beads jewelry but it sounds like something new to try. I’m going to check with my wife and see if she likes this type of jewelry.

  • FusionBeads.com

    Hi Ron, not only does the essential oil keep them shiny, its a great way to introduce scents into your day. Whether lavender for calming, citrus’ for a bright wake up or peppermint for soothing both stomach or headaches, they all make an impact on how our days go.

    You can mix them with gemstones, wood, or metal beads to lighten the coloring of them! Check out some of the great projects we’ve made using them. https://www.fusionbeads.com/search?keywords=lava%20gemstone%20projects

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