Tuesday Tips and Tricks: ZoliDuos!

This week Fusion Beads is very excited to introduce a new product line of Czech two hole glass beads! These crazy cool geometric beads are called ZoliDuos.

ZoliDuos are a fabulous way to add swishes, swooshes, and other fun flourishes to your beaded jewelry designs! These fun and dynamic beads have a paisley-shape with two holes and flat backs. They are available in a variety of colors, including ones with etched surfaces, adding just a little bit of texture to your designs!

The real trick to these two hole beads is that they come in TWO different directions! Both the left-oriented and right-oriented versions of the ZoliDuos are sold separately, but can be used together (recommended!) to create interesting designs and patterns in your stringing and bead stitching projects.  Like most geometric Czech glass beads, there are really endless shape possibilities, and we are impatient to see what awesome patterns and designs our fellow beaders come up with! To kick off the brainstorming session, I’ve included one of our newest Inspiration Projects that use both the left and the right ZoliDuos to make a gorgeous bracelet, the Paisley Peacock Bracelet!




Paisley Peacock Bracelet Inspiration Project

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


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