Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Spreading Awareness Using the Craft You Love

With Breast Cancer Awareness month just around the corner, I wanted to take the time to highlight Fusion Beads Shop by Color filter tool to help you navigate all the Swarovski colors we have available on our website. While Fusion Beads has shared quite a few beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry designs on the site, we wanted you to know that you can use the same designs to create a meaningful gift for a variety of causes. We believe that it is important to show the people you love (or even for yourself) that you are thinking about them. I put together a few different examples below on how to incorporate specific colors into your jewelry to help raise awareness in your community. For more color examples please check out a blog we shared a few years ago,  “Share Awareness For All Cancers”.

April – Autism Awareness

Color: Primary Reds, Blues, and Yellows with Baby Blue

Swarovski Crystals: Light Siam, Capri Blue, Sunflower Yellow, and Crystal Blue Shade

May – Mental Health Awareness

Color: Lime Green

Swarovski Crystals and Charms: Peridot

October: Breast Cancer Awareness

Color: Pink

Swarovski Crystals and Charms: Rose 

February – Heart Disease Awareness

Color: Red

Swarovski Crystals and Charms: Light Siam

December – World’s Aids Day

Color: Red

Swarovski Crystal Colors: Scarlet

Charms and metal stamps are a great way to add a personal detail to your pieces. From puzzle pieces for Autism awareness to charm links with words of encouragement, these charms can make a thoughtful and loving gift for those in need of support.

Autism Awareness:

Heart Disease Awareness Beads and Charms:

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon:

Awareness Ribbons:

Link Charms:

Fusion Beads has quite a few design ideas for Awareness jewelry. We have recently designed a new necklace, called Rock The Pink Necklace. You can find this Inspiration Piece and more under the  Awareness Inspiration Projects.

These designs can range from elegant to fun and quirky and are sure to raise the spirits of someone close to you, all while using the craft you love! The examples below focus on Breast Cancer Awareness but can be re-designed to help spread awareness for a variety of causes.

Rock The Pink Necklace Inspiration Project

Tickled Pink Earrings Inspiration Project

I’m A Fighter Necklace Inspiration Project

Show Your Strength Bracelets Inspiration Project

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!


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