Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection Trends

Influenced by our polarized views, we envision our lives accordingly. We either see the future as bright and cheerful, full of opportunity or as a challenge we would prefer to exchange with a more simple, bygone, time. This season we highlight these polarized viewpoints, reflecting upon the fact that where there is light, there is shadow. Full of joyful creativity and eccentric celebration, or striving for stillness with a somber survival ethos, we seize the notion that the future is twofold. Welcome to Fall/Winter 2018/19 — Light and Shadow.

Signaling our need to usher in a sense of lightness and levity into lives that have become so disillusioned with the status quo, rampant bold colors wash over designs. Protesting our situation through our styling choices we will dress up in a joyful irreverent mash-up of pieces, creating our own fantastic fashion landscape.

Visually overwhelmed, the need to slow down, to disconnect, to step back and stop the noise has never been so apparent. Stripping away the superfluous, we will take everything back to only the essentials – clean lines and scant embellishment will assist us in achieving a sense of sacred solitude.ELEGANTIA
Craving the return of joy, sensuality and decadence – the desire to celebrate with utter abandon will herald a glamorous, rebellious eccentricity in design. The pressures of the ordinary, of the everyday will pale into insignificance as we reach out to capture and seduce the future of our desires by dismissing the negativity of the past.

In the not-too-distant future, we will need to face up to the darker aspects of the world around us. Conscious of the fact that our sustainable materials are being depleted, we will continue to focus on the need to renew and regenerate as “make-do-andmend” becomes a staple lifestyle element. Our Utopian ideal has evaporated, and we will need to rely on, and trust our instincts in order to survive.

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