Swarovski Fall/Winter 2018-19 Innovations Sneak Peek!

We always look forward to Swarovski’s new product launches (don’t you?), and this season’s doesn’t disappoint! Rich, luxurious new colors lead off the Fall/Winter 2018 collection—check out the gorgeous new Scarlet red color for crystals and the lush Crystal Velvet Brown color for pearls. Swarovski also introduced a glamorous new shimmer effect that gives crystals maximum color vibrancy. Swarovski’s funky new Eye Fancy Stone is another must-see item (pun intended). But the crème de la crème of this new collection has to be the ultra modern Growing Crystal pendants, Swarovski’s posh, polished takes on a natural druzy stone!

New Color: Scarlet

An antidote to our increasingly uncertain future, Scarlet symbolizes passion and excitement, offering a decadent, elegant edge to sensuous designs, and reminding us that we should celebrate life in all its beauty. Combined with the subtle shine of Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl, designs are given elegance and a sophisticated allure.
New Pearl Color: Crystal Velvet Brown

With its vintage antique luxury feel, Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl creates a decadent, elegant edge, reminding us to celebrate the finer things in life. Combined with the passion and radiance of the new Scarlet, designs are given added elegance and a sophisticated allure.New Effect: Shimmer

The new Shimmer effect speaks to our increasing desire for heightened sensory experiences by merging futuristic shimmer with bold crystal colors in nature-tech, boundary-transgressing hues. Having launched the new Shimmer effect as part of the Spring/Summer 2018 Flat Back assortment, they are now making it available in further product groups.

New Fancy Stone: Eye Fancy Stone

The Eye Fancy Stone is a hugely popular lucky charm that uses digital print technology on a standard oval shape; this makes it easy to create all kinds of playful and unexpected designs and stunning statement jewelry. There are 2 glue-in settings to use with this Eye Fancy Stone. There is one with a ring at the top, and the other with a ring on each side, making it especially easy to create pendants for jewelry. Cho0se from 5 eye colors; Green, Blue, Red, Brown and Pink.New Pendant: Growing Crystal

Iris van Herpen’s boldly envisions the future of fashion. For Swarovski’s Designer Edition Series, van Herpen imagined two pendants inspired by the creative power of nature. The first, ‘Growing Crystal Rhombus,’ pays homage to the fractured and fissured elegance of crystals shaped by tectonic forces. The second, ‘Growing Crystal Rectangle,’ resembles the cross section of a druzy crystal in both brilliance and complexity. In each instance, van Herpen highlighted the metamorphosis of crystalline forms under the influence of time: “For beauty yet becoming.”


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