Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Why 2 Inch Headpins are My Favorite for Wire Wrapping

Wire Wrapping can be a challenging technique to master when you are still a beginner. After taking my first class on wire wrapping, I left feeling quite close to tears with frustration. I was determined (and if I’m honest, still trying) to master the wire wrap loop. If I have learned anything from my fellow beaders and the beading community, it’s that wire wrapping is a skill that is essential to making beaded jewelry. So I proceeded to practice, and after that practice some more, because darn it, those loops were going to be the same size!

A great little tip that I learned early on, is that when making wire wrap loops for earrings, using 2 inch (or even 3 inch) headpins can make the process significantly easier. The extra length leaves room for your beads to sit comfortably on the pin and gives you enough room to make a few tightly wound coils. A common head pin size to use is 24 gauge. The head pin is soft enough to coil but still sturdy and substantial. The 24 gauge head pin has a thickness that makes a reliable finding for earrings!

Another little trick to make sure you have the same sized loops is to make a little mark on your Round Nose Pliers with a permanent marker. The line will act as a guide for when you wrap your wire around the tool, so that the loop comes out roughly the same size each time.

On a little side note, I personally prefer to use a wire wrap loop for my earrings for the extra security that I don’t particularly get from simple wire loops. If you are like me, and like to wear earrings ALL the time, (even when you are running to catch a bus or chasing after your escape artist dog) I am confident my wire wrap loops will hold!

A few Inspiration Project pieces I wanted to share that use the wire wrap loop in a variety of ways are the Bell Flower Earrings, that use the loops to make little dangling flowers, the Skull Queen Earrings that use the loop to attach the earring wire, and the Dance Til Dawn Earrings that create an awesome dangle shimmer of bicone beads from Lindsay’s book, Make It Sparkle!

Bell Flower Earrings

Skull Queen Earrings

Dance Til Dawn Earrings



Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading! – Zoe

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