Tuesday Tips and Tricks – Adding a little Pizzazz ain’t so Bad! How to place a Swarovski Crystal into a Setting

For this week’s post I was reminded of my reaction when I was first exposed to Swarovski Crystals. I remember my eyes widened. I probably let out a little gasp. And I think I stuttered something along the lines of,  “Oh! The twinkle! The sparkle!” and quickly proceeded to buy them all. Just kidding! I did, however,  put a little dent in my bank account.

Swarovski fancy stones are a great way to add a little pizzazz and elegance to your pieces, and they are some of my favorite products to use in my jewelry. A fun way to incorporate fancy stones into your pieces is by using a Swarovski Crystal fancy stone setting. The settings have 4 holes located at the bottom, making the 2 holes on either side of the setting great for stringing!

Now, the trick to setting your crystal securely and evenly is to press down two prongs that are facing diagonally. By following this simple step, it can help prevent the stone from shifting from the pressure of the pliers clamping down.

On an additional note, it is a common misconception that the crystal’s edge will be flush to the top of the setting. The stone will actually sit on top of the setting. The stone will fit snugly with the setting only concealing a portion of the crystal. While it takes a little bit of force to get the prongs to press down flat on your crystal, it does not take too much pressure! Proceed with caution, you don’t want to break the setting or your crystal while you clamp down the prongs!

For my visual example of how your crystal should look while you are setting the stone I used a 18x13mm Swarovski Crystal Oval Fancy Stone with a 18×13.5mm Rhodium Setting.

Step One: Place your crystal face up into the setting of the stone. The stone will sit comfortably in the setting. Do not push the crystal down.

Step Two: Using Nylon Pliers, press two sets of prongs down that are facing diagonally from each other.

Step Three: Secure the stone in the setting by pressing down the remaining prongs. And tah-dah! You have an evenly set stone.

A gorgeous Inspiration Project, Crystal Night Bracelet, uses the 18mm Crystal Oval Fancy Stones with the rhodium settings strung together to make a bracelet.

Crystal Night Bracelet Inspiration Project

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading! – Zoe


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