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You may find yourself asking every once in a while, “How many beads will I need to make this bracelet?” To answer this question there is a wonderful tool at your disposal! You may have already guessed it…that’s right, a beading board! For today’s tip, I will be highlighting how working with a beading design board can help you plan out your projects without the headache of constantly restringing your pieces.

The first thing I like to do before I get started on my project is to lay out all my materials. A really nice feature of design boards is that they have little dividers that make organizing your beads easy. It looks a little like a TV dinner tray but is WAY more exciting because it has beads in it! 

The best part of knowing how many beads you will need per inch, is having the calculations already made for you! Another great tool is this super awesome chart that calculates the number of beads you will need based on the size of your bead and the length of your bracelet. You can find this chart and other helpful tips on our Design Tips Q&A page. For making bracelets, especially multi-strand bracelets, I recommend using a straight beading board. The board measures out the length in inches (or centimeters) and has an inverted ridge to place your beads. In the image below I have used 3 different sizes that all come out to the same length.

An additional perk to using these boards is that it allows you to mix up the colors and sizes of your beads, and at the same time, keeps track of the length of your strands. When playing around with the possible patterns to use for my bracelets I love using bead stoppers as well. The bead stoppers make it possible for me to wrap the beads around my wrist to test out my design without the permanence of crimping or knotting. Beading boards are fabulous visual aids, and I find as someone that relies heavily on visuals, that I come up with even more unique patterns and design possibilities when I use my board.

Before I sign off for this week I wanted to leave a few examples of my favorite inspiration projects that are multi-strand bracelets! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Shadows Of Gold Bracelet Inspiration Project

Pastel Shimmer Bracelet Inspiration Project

Spring Time Bracelet Inspiration Project

Shoreline Bracelet Inspiration Project

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading – Zoe

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