Tuesday Tips and Tricks – The Resin Obsession Cannot Be Stopped!

Personally, as a bit of newbie in the beading world I have yet to dabble into the awesome techniques that use resin. Jewelry pieces that include resin in their designs can be beautiful, and opens up unique and creative ways to make an extra special memento! Resin can be used to incorporate mixed media into your projects, like photographs. I’ve shared a few Inspiration Projects from our website to give you an idea of the endless possibilities you can use resin in your jewelry! While I can’t wait to embark on my inevitable obsessive resin making journey, I always love to ask for any tips on a new technique from the amazing team of jewelry designers at Fusion Beads!

Beachside Bracelet Inspiration Project

Aunt Lois Necklace Inspiration Project

Resin Tree Drop Earrings Inspiration Project

A very practical tip to help speed up the process of preparing your resin for your projects is to place your bottles of resin into a bowl of warm water! For the best results, work in a warm environment (70-75 degrees Fahrenheit) and have your resin be at room temperature. To do this, place your bottles of resin into a bowl or pan and fill it with hot tap water. Leave the bottles in the hot water (not fully submerged!) for about 30 to 40 minutes. Once your resin is at room temperature it is ready to use! The key to a successful resin making session is to work in a warm environment throughout the whole process, including the curing stage.

I cannot wait to get started so I will leave you with this short tip. Let’s get our resin making on my fellow beaders!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy Beading!




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  • Lisa

    My main tip for using resin is to completely seal your paper insert – front and back – before you pour resin on it. You can use PVA glue, otherwise your resin will seep into your paper.

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