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One of my favorite techniques for covering the inside of a component is using Brick Stitch! The finished look is delightfully boho chic as well as an awesome statement piece. A great way to successfully create a design using brick stitch is to guesstimate the amount of beads you will need to fill your component. While Brick Stitch is more commonly used to make a circular design of beads around a component, we used the same technique to fill the inside. To give you a better idea of how to use this neat trick I will be using this exciting new Inspiration Project piece, the Modern Mandala Necklace!

Before you get started on your design you will want to choose your component and find its diameter. For the Modern Mandala Necklace we have picked a component with a 49 mm diameter. Luckily, no math is required just yet! To find the circumference for your component you can find the measurements on our website in our Product Details section shown below.

Once you have your diameter you will need to divide the measurement in half to give you the radius of your component. For our project, our component will have a radius of 24.5 mm.

Now that you have your radius you can start choosing the beads you would like to use to fill your component! I recommend laying out your beads on a beading mat and placing them inside the component. By doing this before you start stitching it will give you a clear idea of what your final piece will look like.

Once you have decided on your pattern, you will want to measure the length of the design to make sure that it is equal to or less than the measurement of your radius. The length of your design will be the measurements of each bead used added together. Keep in mind that for designs that have an empty space in the center you will need the total length of your design to be less than the radius. To fill the whole component you will want your design length to be equal to your radius.

For an example of how to add up your beads to fit your radius, I have a picture below showing how we used this trick to determine our design for the Modern Mandala Necklace.

Here at Fusion Beads we love using little tricks and sharing them with you when we make our pieces ! We find that a little preparation before you start beading can go a long way! The best part of using brick stitch inside a component is the ability to use all different kinds of beads. While some techniques have limitations on the variation of beads you can use in one design, brick stitching inside a component opens up an endless world of possibilities!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

Happy beading!


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