Designer Spotlight – Meet Allie

My name is Allie and I have been with the Fusion Beads team since 2005! I started out at the Fusion Beads Seattle store location, but after a couple of years I made my way to our website where I now make jewelry to inspire people to create. It doesn’t get much better than that!  When I first started working for this great company I was in my early 20s with a little baby boy. Now that baby is a *gasp* teenager, and I have a little 7-year-old mini-me to keep me on my toes. I loved growing up in the Seattle area just can’t beat the PNW! I have so many great childhood memories exploring this awesome state that has so much to offer. I now live a bit south of the city with my boyfriend, our combined 3 kids, 3 huskies and 2 hairless cats. We like to call it the animal kingdom.


Before working for Fusion Beads I was an artistic kid who loved to paint, sew and dabble in jewelry design. I owe a lot of my skills to my amazingly talented grandmas. One taught me how to sew, while the other was an incredible artist with a fun jewelry collection to play with. I remember taking her beads from broken necklaces and bracelets and making my own designs. Some of my fondest memories are designing jewelry, painting, making paper dolls and sewing with help from my two grandmas. Having so many creative outlets from a very young age has helped me tremendously throughout life.

When i’m not designing jewelry for work, I enjoy being creative with my kids. My son loves to draw and make funny comics (he cracks me up). He has also recently started to create fluid art paintings with me, which we are selling to raise money for pediatric brain tumor research at Seattle Children’s Hospital! Since June of this year my son is a 7 year brain tumor survivor, so this cause is very near and dear to our hearts.


My daughter loves to design jewelry, paint and sew stuffed animals, costumes and purses with me. If it’s creating something fun on her own, she’s down! Earlier this year, we started making jewelry and stuffed animals to raise money for our charity. The fact that my kids also love expressing themselves creatively makes me one happy mama!


I’ve been extremely lucky to get to work with so many creative and talented people throughout the years; I’ve learned so much beading knowledge and skills from all of them! It’s so satisfying to have a job where I get to be creative every single day while inspiring others to create and make jewelry! I’m also the Social Media Content Creator, so you can thank me for all of those bad jokes on Mondays ;) .

A lot of the personal designs I create include metallics with unique color combinations. I really like mixing different sizes of gemstones, crystals and metal beads in my pieces. Recently I have become more and more obsessed with bead weaving, so I’ve been incorporating a lot of seed beads in my designs as well.

I’ve made a ton of jewelry for Fusion Beads throughout the 12 years I have been here.. it’s well over 300 at this point!

Our Wrapped in Style Bracelet is a favorite because I absolutely love the wrapped cord bracelet technique. I’ve made a ton of them in the past, but i really dig the color combo in this one.

Our Summer Fun Earrings ended up being super popular last year. My favorite part about creating this design was getting to see all of the fun and unique color combinations people used to recreate them. I love seeing people think outside the box and make things their own. 

I like to incorporate gemstones in most of my designs, so i had a blast making our Rustic River Necklace! This color combination is a favorite to use in a lot of my jewelry designs.

My latest design is the Modern Mandala earrings and necklace set. I made these pieces to show off my personal style. To create the necklace I used brick stitch on a component with fun pops of my favorite colors. The earrings are more subtle, but still match the necklace perfectly.

You can also check out my about us page to see some of my favorite products!

I look forward to seeing all of the fun jewelry you create from our website , as well as the unique jewelry you design yourself. Make sure you tag us in your posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me. Happy Beading!


10 comments to Designer Spotlight – Meet Allie

  • Vanessa

    My husband and I both look forward to your weekly “bad joke for your Monday blues”.

  • Dayna Hailey

    Thank you for sharing your story! It’s GREAT TO MEET
    folks behind the scenes making the awesome jewelry we see online at fusion and in the store.

  • mary


    You are wonderful.
    You inspire me greatly.
    You have a lovely voice.
    I follow your instructions very well, you are very through. You have a beautiful and talented family.
    Keep on keeping on.

    with agape love.

  • Hi Allie, it was nice to read your story, it is AWESOME! I enjoy meeting new people. I have been making jewelry about 9 years. Starting with beading, fell in love with Chainmaille, wirewrapping, and now I’m into soldering. I have been soldering a few years now. You have a great day!

  • I am fairly new to your site, but am enjoying the heck out of it. Great to meet you Allie. There is a huge age difference between us, but I still feel a connection. I am excited to see and try your designs and to try to recreate then as my own. No plagiarism here. I promise. Just great inspiration.. See you on Monday.


    Yay! Glad to hear you are enjoying the site :) We love seeing people recreate the pieces we put up, as well as make them their own! It’s the best feeling when you know you’ve inspired someone to create! – Allie


    Hi Lawrence, That’s awesome you’ve been making jewelry for that long. I have dabbled in soldering, but definitely want to learn so much more! I drool over the amazing pieces I see. I would love to see what you create. Feel free to share on social media :) Have a great day!


    Thank you so much for the kind words :) It’s the best when you know you have inspired someone to create! I’m happy to hear you like the instructions. Have a great day <3


    :) Glad you enjoyed it and the jewelry we create. Have a wonderful day and happy beading!


    That makes me very happy! So glad you look forward to them ;) they give me a good chuckle (even if some are pretty bad).

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