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Greetings fellow Beaders! Welcome to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

On this fine Tuesday, I will be discussing the much loved DiamonDuos and a brand new line of beads called GemDuos! Both product lines feature beads with similar aesthetics and are made of pressed glass with two parallel holes. While DiamonDuos have been on the market for some time, I am happy to announce that FusionBeads.com will now carry GemDuos! Like their cousin DiamonDuos, GemDuos come in a gorgeous variety of colors. These duo beads create endless possibilities to design something new and unique!

Although my fingers are itching to create exciting patterns with these new geometric beads, first I must share a few helpful tips that will make this transition and much anticipated process easier!

Tip #1 – How to know when to use DiamonDuos or GemDuos

On first glance, it may be hard to discern the subtle differences between the two beads, but don’t be fooled! The first thing to know about DiamonDuos is that they have a sharp peak in the middle of the front side of the bead. This peak or point, is created by the four ridges on the top of the bead. This peak will give your design an added dimension and texture. I like to think of DiamonDuos as the good looking “stud” between the two!

GemDuos have four sides on the front of the bead as well, but unlike DiamonDuos, they have only one distinct ridge. This ridge runs along from the longest pointed end to the other. The bead’s slight beveled edge reflects light beautifully, and creates a softer more organic faceted surface. GemDuos have their holes closer to the bottom side of the bead. The placement of the holes is one of the most obvious differences from DiamonDuos, where their holes sits squarely in the middle on the sides of the bead.

Conclusion? Except for slight variations in their shapes and their placement of holes, substituting GemDuos for DiamonDuos will mostly be an aesthetic choice. I still recommend placing all your beads on your beading mat in your design of choice to test it out before weaving!

Tip #2 – How to tell the difference between the front and the back

For most duo beads identifying the front and the back of a bead is not a crucial element for a design, however with GemDuos and DiamonDuos it can make or break the comfortability and design of your jewelry!

DiamonDuo: The best way to identify the front and the back of a DiamonDuo is the front side will have a sharp peak in the middle of the bead. The back side of the bead will be flat and smooth.

GemDuo: It can be a little more difficult to identify between the front and back sides of a GemDuo bead. Since the bottom of the bead may have a slight curve to it, the best way to tell the difference is to see where the holes on the side of the bead sit. The side where the holes sit closest is the back of the bead. The front side of the bead will have a much more distinct ridge, while the back will look more flat.

Tip# 3 – Remember to check the holes of your beads for any debris or material build up, and to lay your beads front side up before beading!

To find our new line of Gemduos click here:

Fusion Beads New Products!

Thanks for tuning in to Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks!  Happy Beading! – Zoe

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