Designer Spotlight – Meet Lindsay!

I’m so excited to share a little bit about me with you! My name is Lindsay Burke and I am a jewelry designer and the Chief Marketing Officer for Fusion Beads. I’m happy to have been part of this company since 2000, but even before that, I was an avid crafter and beader. I began beading when I was in grade school. I dabbled in seed beads on safety pins, friendship bracelets with embroidery thread and then I was taught to pearl knot on silk. Throughout the years, I have done it all – from hemp necklaces and bracelets to wire worked pieces. Other crafts and hobbies have included crocheting, drawing, painting, card making, pottery and photography. But jewelry making has been my strongest passion.

I am lucky to get to share my passion for jewelry making and beading with others. I currently teach classes at Fusion Beads Seattle store location and I have a book called Make It Sparkle. I love seeing the creativity and excitement people have when they create their first piece or their 200th piece.
I am a born and raised Northwesterner. I currently live just north of Seattle with my husband, two girls and my mom. I’m so happy to share my love of beading with my daughters! Lexi, my 10-year-old has made earrings for her friends and teachers and is currently working on peyote stitch! My 5-year-old, Livi is good at making stretch bracelets but wants to do more, like her sister. And after several years of watching me make jewelry, my mom began beading! She has made several bracelets using the flat spiral stitch!
When I’m not working or teaching, my days are filled with mom-stuff. My kids are active with guitar and drum lessons, swimming, soccer, drama, Chinese class, gymnastics, and of course, their friends. We recently moved to a new house where I am able to have a creative, studio space. But, being an active mom and working full-time means I haven’t had time to make it organized and cute (or that’s my excuse for now).
I have found some time to make jewelry while balancing work and home. I’m especially proud of the Make It Sparkle book. This book has 25 sparkling projects that are easy to make, designed by myself and a few talented jewelry designers. Plus, it showcases some of my favorite things…CRYSTALS! When I’m wearing jewelry, you can bet that 99% of the time it will have Swarovski crystals in it.
Of course, I love all of the pieces in the book, but I do have a few favorites.
Dance Till Dawn earrings – I love these because of the beautiful, bright color graduation. I’m a sucker for anything that has colors that fade into each other. I heart ombre!
Crossing Paths earrings – These use one of my favorite teardrop shaped components plus an edgy metallic colorway.
Joysha earrings – These are one of my favorites because I made in collaboration with Katie for one of our photographer’s wedding. So they have a special place in my heart.Stormy Weather bracelets – I have been wrapping crystals onto bracelets and other components for-ev-er. This is just one example of a set that I have made. I love the colorsMissoni-inspired Loom bracelet – I love this piece. The colors are gorgeous, especially with the pops of metallic in there. I’m so honored that this was published in Beadwork Magazine April/May 2016I have so many more pieces that I love (not all made by me) but here are just a few more:

Lotus and Koi NecklacFade Into You EarringGolden Noir EarringAnother Level EarringMidnight Rain EarringBlushing Beauty EarringBeachy Keen Bracelets

Delicate Blossom BraceletVintage Star Spangled Banner Bracelet

Check out my about us page to see some of my favorite products! You’ll find everything from charms to looms and, of course, Swarovski crystals…because this girl needs to sparkle!





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  • Laurie Galloway

    Oh, my gosh, Lindsay, your creations are gorgeous!! I’m so glad to ‘meet’ you, and be introduced to your book, which I’m ordering now. What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your talents w/us.

  • Wow! Love your designs! I am ordering your book also. I am mostly self taught and LOVE swarovski crystals! It was a pleasure to meet you (on-line) and I love the fact your mom and girls are into beading too!

  • Jeanne Mullay

    I love your designs. I am a visual learner. Unfortunately, I can look at a design in a book and read the instructions, but until I see it done in front of me, I am lost. Do you teach such classes. I do not know what HTML tags are. I hope I have reached you. Thanks so much.

  • Jeanne Mullay

    I would pay to be in a class that you taught on the computer. Just food for thought. I am a disabled person, so I might have to order the supplies I need. Just a thought, if we order a book, would you be willing to teach the designs on-line. Thank you.



  • Irena Talandis

    Young Lady your work is beautiful. But most of all that
    you teach your girls to have a craft. Well teaching Mom
    could be hard but doit any way

  • Hey Lindsay,
    I love what you do as a jewelry designer and as a marketeer for Fusion Beads. Great personal sharing with us. thanks and hope to see you again. Keep nurturing that creative side.


    Thanks, Suz! :)
    – Lindsay


    Hi Joanne.
    Thank you so much! It never gets boring wearing so many hats!
    – Lindsay


    Hi Jeanne.
    Thank you so much for the compliments! I think you are going to LOVE the book. The photos are so beautiful and clear and the instructions are easy to follow. We are always here to help you if you get stuck or have a question.
    I love the idea of an online class. I’m going to have to think about how we can do this. Great idea!
    – Lindsay


    Hi Velma.
    Thanks for ordering the book! I would love to know what you think and I would love to see your designs!
    Being a mom to my two girls is one of my favorite things! And I love sharing my creative passion with them. I’ll have to share their work in a future blog post.
    – Lindsay


    Hi Laurie.
    Thanks so much for ordering the book! I would love to see what you make from the projects! :)
    – Lindsay

  • VR Keith

    Hello I found your earrings Raindrops and Lilies Earrings on fusion beads but they have retired the pattern I have look every where to get the pattern I am a jewelry instructor for senior I would like to teach my senior this pattern can you please email me the pattern thanks.


    Hi Keith, certainly we are happy to help. This design was created by our designer Lindsay Burke for her book Make It Sparkle! You may purchase her book at many different outlets,

    We hope you find this helpful and best of luck to you and your senior!

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