Designer Spotlight – Meet Cody!

HI! I’m Cody and I grew up in a small town in Eastern Oregon known for its yearly Round-Up, which is an annual rodeo that started in 1910.  Growing up I always wanted to live in a “Big City,” so when I had a chance to move to Seattle in 1999 I jumped at it and never looked back! I believe Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities, and I love living so close to the water and the mountains.

I dabbled in many different crafts and hobbies growing up ranging from sewing to refurnishing antique furniture. I got a late start on beading as I didn’t really get into it until I moved to Seattle. I came across this great little bead shop called Fusion Beads in the Wallingford neighborhood and I fell in love. I took all kinds of classes from basic wire wrapping to bead weaving. Then one day in 2009 I saw that they were looking for a jewelry designer for their e-commerce site, and I thought I would give it a shot. I’m so lucky that I get to work for a great company with such an amazing team of people and get to be creative every day!

Besides making jewelry in my home studio, I love to garden. Working in the dirt and watching all of the beautiful flowers bloom makes me so happy. I also like to do Encaustic paintings. I love the layers and texture you can build with this technique. I have two black cats (because, let’s face it, black cats rock) that keep me company at home while and I am crafting or gardening. Their names are Mr. Fred and Little Miss and they are both rescue kitties. I volunteer at a local cat rescue, and I have found this work to be so rewarding in so many ways.

Little Miss and Mr. Fred

A few of my all-time favorite inspiration pieces on Fusion’s site are the Peacock Earrings, Garden Treasures Bracelet, Seafoam Petals Earrings, Dazzling Cascade Earrings and the Earth Treasures Bracelet. I love metalworking, and in my personal jewelry I like to incorporate riveting, dapping and messy wire wrapping. I have had my jewelry designs featured in Jewelry Stringing, Wirework, and Beadwork magazines, just to name a few.

Peacock Earrings

Garden Treasures Bracelet

Seafoam Petals Earrings

Dazzling Cascade EarringsEarth Treasures Bracelet

I also made our Spring Time bracelet for this week to highlight a piece that incorporates my favorite colors and style! 

Spring Time Bracelet

Check out our About Us page to see more of my favorite products and inspiration!

Happy Beading – Cody





6 comments to Designer Spotlight – Meet Cody!

  • Hi,you really make beautiful jewelry,you love it and it shows.It’s fun when your work is something you love to do! I’ll be looking for your work,keep up the good work.

  • elainee

    Nice to meet you! My, what a well rounded person to do all the hobbies you do!

  • Kathy NV

    Thank you for the interview and for your wonderful designs. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having them for inspiration and instruction.

  • Hey Cody, loved your story and how you came upon Fusion Beads. My sister lived in Seattle for awhile and I loved visiting as I then lived in SF, which is a sister city to Seattle. I also TNR for several feral colonies in Austin, Texas and love to bead. Great to hear we are kindred spirits. Love your designs and thanks so much. ~Jennifer

  • Tracy

    Hi Cody! :)

  • Brian Insole

    Great to meet you Cody xx

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