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It is that wonderful time of year when we have the opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful mothers and grandmothers in our lives. This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to a very special and personal piece of hand-crafted jewelry. We have several elegant Inspiration Projects that are easy to make and are highly customizable to celebrate her and her children.

My current favorite design is the Mom’s Babies Bracelet. This new bracelet design beautifully blends TierraCast Alphabet Initial charms, bezel charms adorned with Swarovski birthstone crystals and trendy leather cord. You can customize this bracelet’s crystals and charms to represent each child in your family.To get started on customizing your crystal charms, first visit our Helpful Information about Birthstones page to find the colors needed for each child. The Pewter SS34 Glue-In Stepped Bezel Charms by TierraCast® – 16mm accommodate a 7.1mm Swarovski Crystal Flat Back Rhinestone – 2088 – (SS34). Select a flat back color for each child’s birth month.

To add the birthstone crystals into the bezel setting use either E6000 adhesive or 5 Minute Epoxy for a nice, secure seal. Gluing can get messy, so use the following tips to avoid any hassle or mess:

Instead of dispensing the glue from its container, use a toothpick to grab a small dab of glue. This will allow you to control the amount applied in the bezel setting and prevent spilling glue on your charm.

Then, use a handy setting tool like the Crystal Katana or the Jewel Setter to place the crystal flat back into the bezel. Each of these tools have a tacky surface at the end that is designed to grip the crystal and hold it steady as you maneuver it into the bezel setting. You can see detailed pictures illustrating this setting technique in the instructions for the Mom’s Babies Bracelet.If your mother prefers necklaces, we have another variation in our Inspiration Projects you may use. The Mini Me Necklace is so easy to make and your mom will love all the fun charms dangling on this whimsical piece.
If you would like to give something more intricate and even more personalized, why not try making a picture pendant? In our technique section, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to create a photo pendant using resin!If you would like to combine birthstone charms with the picture pendant you can use our Aunt Louis Inspiration Project as a guide. Instead of Teardrop Fire Polished beads, all in blue, select glass beads in birthstone colors. You can also use Swarovski Crystal pendants or the TeirraCast Bezel Charms to bring the whole Mother’s Day theme together!Do you need more Mother’s Day jewelry ideas? Check out the holiday section in our Inspiration Projects for some fun and meaningful pieces for your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day! – Rebecca






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