Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There have been some pretty amazing Czech Bead innovations in the last few years. The ever expanding collection of Czech 2-hole glass beads provide beaders of all skill levels new ways to create and grow as beading artists.  My favorites will always be the popular SuperDuo and MiniDuo 2-Hole Czech Seed Beads because they are so versatile and easy to use.

SuperDuos have a very pleasing tapered design that allows them to interlock beautifully. You can create a myriad of designs from flowers, snowflakes, geometric forms and so much more with these fun beads! The MiniDuos are the same shape, but just a bit smaller so you can use them to create more intricate or smaller patterns.

Below I’m going to illustrate the difference between the two with a few of our favorite Inspiration Projects!

SuperDuos are one of the most popular shapes. Its 2x5mm size is perfectly proportioned so it can work together with other beads, like daggers, drops, SuperUnos, seed beads and much, much more! The Dagger Duo Bracelet Pattern for CzechMates is one great example of SuperDuos in action. As you can see in the picture below, the SuperDuos work seamlessly with the size 8/0 Japanese Round Seed Beads and Mini Dagger Czech Glass Beads.

As mentioned before, the MiniDuos are the exact same shape but just a tiny bit smaller, measuring 2x4mm. The advantage of the smaller size allows you the freedom to make intricate woven designs that won’t be too large to wear. The Inspiration Project, the Rose Windows Bracelet Pattern for CzechMates illustrates this point perfectly. The smaller MiniDuo beads give a delicate, lacey feel to the overall design. The diminutive size helps to allow this piece to be visually complex without it being too chunky or overwhelming. 

For avid fans of the SuperDuos, we’re excited to announce that we are now offering Duets! SuperDuo Duets have a different color on each side of the bead so you can get creative, add a pop of color, or create visual complexity in your pattern! You can see an example of the Duets in our newest Inspiration Project, the Zip it Up Bracelet. As you can see, the mirroring blue sides of SuperDuo Duets create a very intriguing color stripe and add the sense of forward motion to the piece. We can’t get enough of these new SuperDuo color combinations!

How would you use these fun new beads in your DIY jewelry designs?

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca

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