Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Wrapped cord bracelets continue to be an enduringly popular beading technique. The most common question we hear is what stringing material is best for a wrap cord bracelet? Today we are going to compare three commonly used threads and discuss how their unique characteristics function in a wrapped cord bracelet.

FireLine is one of the most popular stringing materials for bead weaving. Made from gel-spun polyethylene, this braided thread is extremely strong and abrasion resistant. It is the perfect choice when using crystals, gemstone or seed beads that have sharp edges. In our Teal Tourmaline Bracelet the design uses bugle seed beads, which are known to shred nylon threads. FireLine, however, works beautifully with this type of sharp bead and provides plenty of reinforcement to the weave. Another beading thread to consider is Silamide. Made of 2-ply, twisted nylon, Silamide thread is pre-waxed, which helps a beader to maintain a nice tension while weaving. It also comes in a nice array of colors. In our Feeling Beachy Bracelet, the Silamide is used to provide even tension in the 2-hole Tila seed beads and to give a wonderful splash of aqua to the color palette.Superlon is another very popular beading thread for wrapped cord bracelets. This nylon thread is fray resistant and has very little stretch to help maintain consistent tension. Superlon has an impressive color selection so it is a great choice for adding vibrancy to your design.  As seen in our Cadmium Orange Bracelet, the Superlon’s bright color creates a striking contrast to the orange and gold, making the overall design pop!

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca






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