Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

For a whimsical touch try a tassel in your next jewelry project! Tassels can be made from many different materials such as thread, chain or leather, which makes them a fun and versatile addition to any design. Tassels are incredibly easy to make. You can either use your fingers to quickly make one or you can use the handy Tassel Maker tool. We have two excellent tutorials to help you with both techniques.

 Making A Tassel

Making a Tassel with the Tassel Maker Tool

When making a tassel with thread you can use Pearl Cotton, Nymo Nylon Thread or Superlon Beading Thread. Both the Superlon and the Nymo threads will provide a smooth texture to your tassel. The small diameters of the threads create a fine, silky and sleek tassel with no extra fluffiness. You can see a great example of this type of tassel in our Inspiration piece Tassel Time Earrings
If you want a fluffy, soft and textured tassel, go for the Pearl Cotton #8. Pearl Cotton has 2-plys twisted together so it has a pleasing spiral design on the thread, adding an intricate visual texture to your tassel. Since Pearl Cotton thread is thicker than both Nymo and Superlon, the finished tassel will have much more volume and body. You can see a great example of this type of tassel in our Inspiration piece Tree Trio BraceletIf you can’t get enough of tassels check out some of our previous blog posts for more wonderful information and tips!



Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca





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