Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

With so many similar products out in the bead world it’s sometimes hard to know which product will best suite your needs. Today we are going to discuss beading wire from two popular brands; Soft Flex and Beadalon. The charts below will make it a little easier to select the right beading wire for your project.

There are three important factors to consider when selecting your wire.

  1. Wire diameter: Select a wire that is the right diameter to fit through your beads. Beads with small holes, such as freshwater pearls or small gemstone beads, will only accommodate a small diameter wire.
  2. Strength: Wires with 19 strands or 49 strands are much stronger than wires with less. More strands make it possible for a wire to carry medium to heavy weight beads without breaking.
  3. Flexibility: A necklace using a flexible wire will have a pleasing curvature and drape to it. Flexible wires are less likely to kink or become damaged while in storage. Soft Flex is highly regarded for its superb flexibility.

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca





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