Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I love making multi-strand bracelets, but sometimes I get a little restless using the same style clasp to complete my design. Luckily, TierraCast® has a brilliant line of findings that allow us beaders to switch it up a bit. The TeirraCast Slotted D Ring and Multi-Hole D Ring clasps provide a simple yet elegant way to finish a woven bracelet.

Many beaders are unsure what type of finding is best to finish a flat peyote or loom woven bracelet. The Slotted D Ring is a great option for these weaves.

Let’s take a closer look at how it is used. Simply wrap the end of the beadwork through and over the elongated slot opening. Then weave the bracelet end to the underside of the bracelet to secure. We have wonderful step-by-step instructions in our Loom Clasp- Option 2 tutorial that will guide you through the entire process. You can see a great example of this clasp used in our Inspiration Project the Candy Cane Boulevard bracelet. 

Let’s now take a closer look at another version of the D Ring. A Multi-Hole D Ring is specifically made for 3 or 5 stand bracelets, however, it too can be used for woven pieces, too. This clasp is particularly handy when wrapping up a flat square stitch piece. Square stitch creates parallel seed bead columns that happen to perfectly line up with the holes in the Multi-Hole D Ring. Simply weave the working thread from each bead column to a corresponding hole in the D ring to secure. Our Inspiration Project Eggplant Delight bracelet illustrates this finishing technique beautifully.

I think you will find these clever clasps from TeirraCast are just the ticket to accomplish a professional and polished finish to your bracelets.

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca

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