Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

We love all the new and innovative patterns created by CzechMates. Not only do these patterns showcase elegant and intricate 3-dimensional designs, but they also demonstrate imaginative ways to use two-hole Czech glass beads in a piece. These designs are amazing, but sometimes it is a challenge for me to keep all the beads straight in my head while trying to follow an intermediate or advanced pattern. I have a little preparation tip that has really helped me with this issue.

Patterns often refer to beads with an acronym in place of the bead’s full name. I’ve found that laying out a bead ahead of time with a little adjacent note listing its acronym greatly reduces any confusion and makes the pattern easier to follow.

Today I am going to start weaving the Winter Flower Pendant by CzechMates. This pattern includes size 15 and 11 seed beads , two CzechMates Triangles and a Fire Polished round bead. Before I start the weave, I lay each bead out in a pile in the order listed in the pattern’s materials section. I then write the acronym for each bead on a little sticky note and lay it beside the corresponding bead.Now when I’m reading the instructions I can easily locate the correct bead I need without stopping to refer to the material list. I’ve found this little bit of preparation allows me to concentrate on the instructions and bead diagrams more intently and I no longer need to spend any time trying to keep straight all the bead details.

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca





1 comment to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Shari

    Rebecca this is such a simple wonderful idea! I will certainly be using it in the future. Anything to simplify. 🤗❤
    Thank you, Shari

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