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I can’t believe 2016 is wrapping up already. This holiday season has just flown by!  Now that all my holiday gifts are all set and ready, its time to turn my attention towards New Year’s Eve plans. Some years I like to stay at home and watch the excitement from the sidelines, but this year it’s all about joining in the festivities. Now all I need is a piece of jewelry to ring in the new year and turn the glam up to absolutely fabulous. For my holiday sparkle I am going with my all-time favorite brand, Swarovski! To bring a little edginess and wow factor to my look I am going with unusual shapes and designs!

Luckily for me, our talented Fusion Beads designers have made some amazing Inspirations Projects that are perfect for this year’s glam look. Now the only hard part will be choosing which one to wear! The first one I would like to highlight is the Spike It Earrings. These earrings are one of my favorite designs because they use the Swarovski Crystal Spike Pendantrainbow-dark-spike

This pendant is defiantly edgy with its crisp, clean angles, sleek lines and elongated facets. The Spike It earrings showcase this pendant’s uniqueness beautifully, but what surprises me most is how this design is reminiscent of the Art Deco period. The strong geometric shapes and juxtaposition of bold metallics in gold, silver and black celebrate the luxury, glamour and exuberance of this time period. spike-it

Spike It Earrings

The other Inspiration Project I am deeply in love with is the Three Graces necklace. The shape and design of this piece communicates soft elegance and simplicity, but the facets bring the fire! The triad of Trilliant fancy stones shine brilliantly like bright festive lights on a dark winter day. It is dazzling and will, in turn, help you light up the room!


The Three Graces necklace uses right angle weave to encapsulate the stone. Its simple seed bead bezel makes it easy to showcase this faceted focal and flaunt its crystal brilliance for all its worth. The Three Graces Necklace will go with any black dress and is sure to wow with its flawless and classic beauty.three-graces

Three Graces Necklace

The last design uses a technique that may be new to some beaders, but I believe it will quickly become a new favorite. The Black Chaton Gold Bezel Ring uses Crystal Clay to set several Swarovski Crystal Chaton Stones in a bezel ring. The beauty of Crystal Clay is its flexibility. You can use different sizes of stones and create any pattern your heart desires. The clay is non-baking, two part epoxy clay with a working time of 60-90 minutes. When the clay hardens, the crystals will be permanently set into place. You will be amazed by all the special designs that can be accomplish by this method. You can find full instructions for working with Crystal Clay in our Jewelry Clay technique section. The Black Chaton Gold Bezel Ring again uses the striking contrast of gold and black, but its main appeal is its myriad of facets. With so many little chaton stones, the shine and sparkle of this ring is something to behold. The sparkle is so enticing you may have a hard time keeping your eyes off your hand.


Black Chaton Gold Bezel Ring


Any beading enthusiast knows you can never have enough Swarovski in your life, so I encourage you to break out and experiment different Swarovski shapes. I hope you have fun designing a special and brilliant piece to bring in the New Year with panache.

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca






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