Veela Earrings By Becky Nunn!

What I love about the Nunn Design Collection of Bead Caps is that there are so many ways that you can combine them.  With each combination, you have a unique and fresh look.  Add in some different beads and the options grow even greater!  The best way to design with these little beauties is to keep trying different combinations until you get something that feels just right.  It is amazing how a design can change by just turning a bead cap upside down.  Have fun exploring the options!

Click here to learn to make these earrings by Becky Nunn of Nunn Designs. Click here to download the PDF instructions.

Supplies Needed:
BM5274 – 4 pieces of Beadcap 8mm Flower Petal-Antique Copper
BM1118 – 2 pieces of Brass Etched Daisy Bead Cap 8mm-Antique Gold
BM1106 – 2 pieces of Brass Petal Bead Cap 6mm-Antique Gold
BM3541 – 2 pieces of Pewter Faceted Rondell Bead 5mm-Antique Gold
BM3545 – 2 pieces of Pewter Faceted Drop Bead 8mm-Antique Gold
BM3324 – 2 pieces of Brass Textured Open Jump Ring-Antique Copper
DA0127 – 2 pieces of 13mm Copper Leverback with Open Ring
BM2640 – 2 Base Metal Eye Pins Gold 21 Gauge 2″
PL6915 – 2 Ivory Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads-5810 8mm

Tools Needed:
TL0103 – 2 Pairs of 5 inch Basic Flat Nose Pliers
TL2254 – 1 Pair of 5.5 inch Maxi Shear Flush Cutter
TL0100 – 5 inch Basic Round Nose Pliers

Step 1:
Thread onto a Base Metal Eye Pin one of the Ivory Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads and 1 of the 8mm Flower Beadcaps.  The fit might be a little tight for the Swarovski Crystal Pearl to fit the opening of the bead cap.  Press down gently on the bead cap and the petals will slightly bend around the bead cap.  Thread on the second 8mm Flower Petal Beadcap so the petals are alternating.

Step 2:
Thread on the remaining bead caps onto the Base Metal Eye Pin in this order; 1 6mm Brass Petal Bead, 1 8mm Brass Etched Daisy Bead Cap turned upside down, and 1 5mm Pewter Faceted Rondell Bead.




Step 3:
Trim away all but ¼ inch of the Base Metal Eye Pin using a pair of 5.5 inch Maxi Shear Flush Cutters.  Create a loop using round nose pliers.  Before closing the loop, add a 13mm Copper Leverback with Open Ring.  To ensure that the earring hangs correctly, make sure the top loop of the eye pin is at a 90 degree angle from the bottom eye pin loop.




Step 4:
Using 2 pairs of 5 inch Basic Flat Nose Pliers, open up one of the 6mm Antique Copper Plated Brass 16 Gauge Textured Open Jump Rings and thread on the 8mm Antique Gold Pewter Faceted Drop Bead and the eye of the assembled Base Metal Eye Pin. Close the jump ring.
Step 5:
Repeat Steps 1-4 to create the matching earring set.

Love these earrings? Here is an idea for a matching bracelet and necklace set!
Aren’t they cute?

Happy Beading!
Becky Nunn for Fusion Beads

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