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7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEHere at Fusion Beads we love stretch bracelets! Stretch bracelets are brilliantly simple to construct but are far from basic. They can be simple or very dressy and chic depending upon your preference and the beads you wish to use. Best of all, stretch bracelets are highly customizable! You can create different stretch bracelets as gifts for friends and family members and each bracelet can be personalized by color, pattern or material to best complement the receiver.

We love this bracelet style so much that we have recently launched a great collection of stretch bracelet kits showcasing fire polished glass beads and gemstones bead. These wonderful kits include enough beads to make three stackable bracelets. All the design work is done for you so you can create a set of perfectly coordinated bracelets literally in minutes!Fire Polished Stretch Bracelet Set Kit?resizeid=9&resizeh=1000&resizew=1000

Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Set Kit?resizeid=9&resizeh=1000&resizew=1000

If you would like to design your own bracelet we have two great technique pages available to guide you. Stretch bracelets can be finished in two different ways; by crimping or by knotting the elastic cord. We will briefly discuss both methods but first, let’s talk about what size cord to use. You can use any elastic bead cord but we really enjoy using Stretch Magic elastic cord, which is available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm and 1mm diameter. It is best to use the thickest elastic cord you can to add strength and durability to your bracelet. However, the holes in your beads will ultimately determine what size cord you can actually use. Select a diameter size just slightly smaller than the size of the drill holes in your beads. The next step is to decide which technique you would like to use to complete your bracelet.

The first method is to use a crimp. You can find step-by-step instructions for this on our Crimping Stretch Magic technique page.

Crimping Technique:

When you have strung all your beads on your Stretch Magic cord, take the two ends and feed them through a 2x2mm crimp so each strand will exit the crimp in opposite directions. Pull the Stretch Magic cord ends until the beads are flush with the crimp on either side. It is important to keep the elastic cord relaxed at this point and to not pull it too taut when you join the ends together. This will ensure the bracelet will fit comfortably around your wrist when completed. Squeeze the crimp flat with a pair of flat nose pliers. Trim the excess elastic cord with small, sharp scissors.

Crimping Stretch Magic : Step 3Crimping Stretch Magic : Step 4Crimping Stretch Magic : Step 6

Knotting Technique:

Second method is to knot the elastic cord and secure with a dab of glue. You can find step-by-step instructions for this on our Knotting Stretch Magic technique page.

In this technique you will use a square knot, which is essentially a double knot, to secure your cords together. Once you have completed stringing your beads, cross the right elastic cord end over the left end making an X shape. Bring the right cord behind and around the left cord end to form the first part of the square knot. Next, take the left cord end and cross it over the right end. Wrap the left cord end behind and around the right end to make a second knot above the one completed in the previous step.

Knotting Stretch Magic: Step 3Knotting Stretch Magic: Step 4Knotting Stretch Magic: Step 5

Pull the cord taut, cut the excess cord with small, sharp scissors and apply Hypo Tube Cement to the knot to keep the cord ends securely fixed into place. Make sure to let the glue dry thoroughly before you wear your bracelet.

Knotting Stretch Magic: Step 6Knotting Stretch Magic: Step 7Knotting Stretch Magic: Step 8

Just like that, you are all done! You can wear just one bracelet or stack multiple bracelets on top of each other for a more multi-layered look.


I think you will enjoy making these fantastic stretch bracelets and will be pleasantly surprised how fast and easy they are to make!

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca


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