Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEIf you are anything like me you have a healthy stash of extra beads from past projects taking up precious space in your craft area. What do you do with little bits of this and that? The solution; make a multi-colored bracelet using your bead “leftovers”. You will be amazed how random beads of various sizes and colors can come together into a gloriously blended piece with very little time or effort. The secret is finding something to tie all the colors together, and nothing is more effective for creating this color cohesion than using a seed bead mix.

Fusion Beads has taken the guessing out of coordinating colors with the beautiful new seed bead palette collections. Not only do these palettes playfully combine complementary and contrasting color themes, they also include different finishes and textures that add to the visual diversity of the blend. This allows the colors to mingle and complement each other without being all one note.

For today’s project I am using a seed bead mix with a lovely palette of purples. The Size 11 Round Japanese Seed Bead Palette by FusionBeads.com® in Hyacinth includes 10 shades of purple seed beads. Each color in this palette comes in a 10 gram bag, so I have plenty to work with for this project and still have more for future pieces.hyacinth-seed-beadsSince the colors are already coordinated all I need to do is add a few of my leftover beads! This will bump up the glam factor in the mix! I begin by stringing 5 or 6 seed beads in a random pattern, then I string some of my leftover Swarvoski bicones or fire polished round beads on the strand. The Swarovski and fire polished beads in their different sizes, finishes and textures create a nice contrast to the little seed beads. This combination of different beads makes the mix even more visually appealing. I string several strands in this fashion.multi-strandMy next step is to weave the strands together. Though the pattern motif in each strand is random when the strands are gathered together, all the individual colors begin to meld together creating one cohesive color theme throughout the piece. This blending is a well-known color manipulation technique most recognizably applied in paintings from the Impressionism movement. The color flows together effortlessly so you can feel free to use all of your odd number beads and put them to good use in one beautiful piece.

Now that I have several strands, I simply braid them together to make a multi- stand bracelet.  Lastly, I use a base metal & Swarovski Crystal pearl Corona Box Clasp in Iridescent Purple to bring the final design together.3-strands-frontbracelet

The final piece is blended beautifully! Using a seed bead palette allows me the flexibility to use up some of my beads from my collection with very little creative effort and minimal expense. I love it when a plan comes together!

Happy Tuesday – Rebecca






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