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7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEDo you ever find it difficult to translate the project you have in your mind in to a reality? If you are a visual person it may be challenging to shop online and put together a cohesive color palette for your project without feeling overwhelmed by too many options. This is a very common design conundrum.  Luckily, we have a very nice solution built right in to the website to help! Today I am going to discuss how to use a wishlist to create a virtual color palette for a project.

Fall is my all-time favorite season and it is a little tradition of mine to make a new necklace every year that is inspired by the brilliant colors of the autumn leaves. My biggest challenge is how to narrow down the extensive list of beads into a small but beautifully coordinated collection that will bring my homage to fall alive without killing my allotted budget. The wishlist function on the website is my favorite tool just for this purpose! I use it all the time to build and solidify my ideas into an organized and manageable shopping list.

The very first thing I do is sign into my customer account as I begin my hunt for the perfect beads. I usually find one product that serves as my foundation for my project’s color palette. For example, Fusion is introducing new beautifully coordinated seed bead mixes that are absolutely ideal for my project.  The new Size 11 Round Japanese Seed Bead Palette by FusionBeads.com® in Harvest is exactly the right colors and tones for my necklace.harvestNow that I have my main product selected I can start filling in my wishlist with some other coordinating beads. As I browse I can save items to my wishlist by simply clicking on the heart icon located to the left hand side of the product picture. Once the heart icon is clicked, a dropdown descends and I can click on the green button to “Create a New List”. For my project I have created a list called “Fall mix necklace”.fire-polishTo view my wishlist at any time I simply click on the link located at the top of the webpage and then select the title from the “My Product Lists” page.my-product-listAs I open the Fall mix necklace wishlist I can view all my liked items on one running list. I now have the opportunity to visually gauge what products I like and delete any that won’t work. Once all the tough design decisions have been made I can then move the products from the wishlist to the shopping cart by clicking on the “Move to Cart Button”. Now I have everything nicely coordinated and ready to purchase in just a few steps.listFor me, this online tool helps keep all of my creative ideas organized. Most importantly it helps me to focus my attention when my little bead-loving heart becomes too distracted by all the lovely beads I see. It is a flexible and easy tool that helps ensure any project will be a smashing success!

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca






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