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7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEWelcome to our third installment of Clasp Crash Course!

Over the last two weeks I have sung the praises of the illustrious toggle clasp and lobster claw clasp which are the most popular clasps in the beading world. Today, I’m going to highlight a lesser known, but no-less notable clasp, the box clasp. True to its name, the box clasp is in the shape of a box. It is composed of walls, a top side, a bottom and an open area for the “tongue” or metal tab to lock into. Though a box clasp is traditionally shaped as a square or rectangle, it can also come in other shapes like triangles, rounds or ovals. The oval shape is also commonly referred to as a fish eye or Marquise clasp as shown below. box-claspThe box clasp is very traditional and its main claim to fame is its elegant and instantly recognizable design. Often adorned with a delicate filigree on top, box claps are the ideal clasp for a knotted pearl or small gemstone necklace. Unlike lobster claws or toggle clasps, the box clasp is meant for delicate or light weight items. If the lobster claw clasp is the work horse then the box clasp is a show pony! Its main attribute is its stunning good looks and fanciness. Use a box clasp when you want to add a special flourish to your jewelry or when you want a piece to communicate vintage, or old-world charm.

The box clasp works best on necklaces but can be used on small, lightweight bracelets as well. The built in safety catch on some box clasps is a nice feature that helps ensure the closure will not accidentally come undone during movement.box-clasp-2One thing to keep in mind though is the delicate nature of filigree box clasps. Since the clasp is hallow it is important to shield it from accidental impacts that can cause the box to deform. Just like other elegant and delicate things, it requires protection and attentive care.

Though filigree box clasps are the most popular version of this type of clasp, there are quite a few different variations available.box-clasp-3box-clasp-4For extra visual impact, you can opt for a box clasp with a set gemstone, crystal or pearl. One of our most favorite pearl box clasps is the Base Metal & Swarovski Crystal Pearl Corona Box Clasp.box-clasp-5The stunning appeal of this special box clasp is undeniable and it is a perfect companion to any Swarovski pearl piece. The clasp is a showstopper as you can see on our Inspiration Project the Electric Purple Bracelet.box-clasp-8

box-clasp-6Box clasps are amazing and beautiful findings that are sure to add another layer of visual sophistication to any design.

Happy Tuesday – Rebecca






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