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In our last installment of Clasp Crash Course we discussed the versatility of toggle clasps. Today we are going to talk about a very standard, well-known type of clasp called a lobster claw. The lobster claw clasp’s name is derived from its unique shape. Yep, you guessed it, it is named after its likeness to a real lobster claw!claspIt is opened with a trigger on the side. When the trigger is released a spring-loaded mechanism causes the clasp to shut thus securely latching it onto a reciprocal jump ring or chain just like a real lobster claw grabs and clutches its prey. Awesome.

This sturdy, durable and nearly indestructible clasp will never open or release on accident. For this reason, it is the work-horse of the beading industry and is suitable for any necklace or bracelet, especially heavier pieces that require extra secure closures. The other advantage of using a lobster claw is its smooth svelte shape which makes it the least obtrusive clasp you can use on your neck. It will not itch, pinch skin or snag delicate fabrics. It is invaluable for its dual attributes of simplicity and functionality.

Lobster claw clasps also come in various different sizes, styles and shapes. One of the most popular shaped lobster claw clasp is the heart which is perfect for a Mother’s Day bracelet, Valentine piece or even a little girl’s bracelet.heart-claspSome other styles can be quite useful and can solve some common jewelry design dilemmas. Have you ever had a necklace or an anklet that refused to lay straight? Use a swivel lobster claw clasp! These clasps have a separate lower section that rotates independently from the rest of the claw. They are specifically designed to twist, move and adapt as you wear them. The swivel clasp’s flexibility and range of motion makes it an ideal choice for heavy chains or charm bracelets. When a chain becomes tightly wound from twisting it can become strained. It may kink, or even worse, snap under the pressure. A swivel lobster claw clasp alleviates this pressure and can help prevent your jewelry from becoming a tangled mess. Hooray!swivel-claspA lobster claw clasp’s functionality is its most obvious attribute but keep in mind a wisely-chosen lobster claw clasp can also contribute greatly to the aesthetic success of your piece!  Using a chunky or oversized clasp can add to the piece’s visual impact. A bold design calls for an equally bold closure! Having fun with size can elevate your piece from ordinary to extraordinary with just one simple change. You can see this effective use of size on our fun and chunky Let’s Dance Inspiration Project shown below.lets-danceLobster Claw Clasps are a brilliant choice for any design. Their strength, practicality and solid construction are guaranteed to never let you down!

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